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Documentation for: buttons.r

Usage document for %buttons.r

1. Introduction to %buttons.r

buttons.r displays over 50 different REBOL/View VID graphical buttons, which is just a small sampling of the thousands of combinations that are possible with just a few simple VID keywords and settings.

2. buttons At a Glance

No setup is required, just do it.


The above image was created running REBOL/View, GNU/Linux 4.0, KDE Desktop. It does not show any of the button animations, such as the blink flip.

3. Running %buttons.r

Using the REBOL/View console, from the library with:

 >> do
or locally with:
 >> do %buttons.r

3.1. Using %buttons.r

The source code:

 pic: load-thru/binary

uses a very powerful network aware feature of REBOL/View to load the palm tree image from You will need an active network connection or an already cached image for this to work properly. Once cached, REBOL will use the local copy from then on.

You will need to use the window close system menu, usually an X on the title bar to close the %buttons.r sample view.

4. What you can learn

This script highlights the ease and wonder of graphical programming with REBOL/View.

5. What can break

You will need to run REBOL/View for this script. REBOL/Core does not know the view or layout functions. You also need an active network connection to retrieve the palm tree image, but only until it is locally cached.

6. Credits

%buttons.r Author: Carl Sassenrath
  • The Library Team
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Library Team, Last updated: 1-Jan-2009