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Documentation for: beer.r


Using %beer.r

Source code originally by Unknown (assumed to be Carl Sassenrath)
Usage document written by Brian Tiffin, Library Team apprentice


1. Introduction to %beer.r
1.1 Still need to read.
2. Using %beer.r

1. Introduction to %beer.r

This script serves two purposes. It's educational component highlights the data is code and code is data techniques native to REBOL programming.

Secondly, it offers a very nice recipe for beer making. It even converts units of measure from Imperial to metric.

1.1 Still need to read.

Like many scripts in the library, this code needs to be read from source for the full effect. The instructions are not included in the output, only the metric measured ingredients.

2. Using %beer.r


>>do %beer.r



but all this shows is the ingredient list in metric.

For cooking instructions, after the do you can

>>print Instructions

for details on the actual brewing.

MakeDoc2 by REBOL- 25-Apr-2007