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Discussion posts for script utf-8.r

4-Sep-2008 20:00

Thanks for this script.  It is looking as if it will help me resolve 
a problem a colleague is having.  However, it seems there is a limit 
to the length of string that this will work with.  I'm getting an 
   ** Math Error: Math or number overflow
   ** Where: decode
   ** Near: insert result to char! x

The string I am attempting to decode is... 
  {Médiaposte avec adresse - Documentation d’expédition}

The command to process the string is...
var-title: {Médiaposte avec adresse - Documentation d’expédition}
decode 1 var-title

Then the error.

I am parsing 21,000+ xml files that are all decoded in UTF-8.  The 
end result is an Excel spreadsheet with the parameters in the XML 
file pulled out so one xml file is one record in the spreadsheet. 
 Two of the columns are showing the incorrectly displayed encoded 
characters instead of the proper decoded character.

Any ideas how I can get past this?  Thanks in advance for your time.