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Discussion posts for script read-below.r

23-Apr-2007 20:35
Brett, great script.  Just what the doctor ordered for a quick and 
easy FTP task I needed to complete.  I received access to the ftp 
location, found this file, and using your script and about 6 lines 
of code had my spreadsheet solution available for my colleague.

What I used it for:

We had identified a webserver that we provide WebTrend reports to 
our users didn't have a couple months of data for certain pages. 
  Since the webserver was setup in a structured way, I was able to 
use the directory and file paths returned by your script to identify 
all the paths I needed, filtered the paths to keep only the ones 
with certain file in it, then parsed the path, wrote to an .xls file 
and created a pivot table to identify which years, months and reports 
were properly created.  Found many instances of items that were thought 
to have been craeted, but had not for one reason or another (admin 
error).  Now I have a happy client.

Thanks again.
Brock Kalef