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Discussion posts for script prolog.r

6-Jul-2007 18:50
Presently we can assert the same fact multiple times and a goal will 
return more than once for a single logical 'fact' (duplicate solutions 
with identical atoms in the same relation)

That a relation among atoms is satisfiable because asserted should 
be a single fact if it is a base fact ( someone can say if that is 
Codd/Date Normal form 1 or 2 or whatever for a db relation )

Or no?

I am going to modify assert to prevent this in my local copy and 
see how I do ( no, I am not a prolog purist ... far from it ;-)

To test this, simple assert a knowledge base then reassert it without 
first re-setting the base to none. Simple goals that returned one 
relation will now return 2

Under Rebol3 we should be able to create a u-def data-type of logicbase! 
where a logic-block will behave more like a set than a bag and more 
like an ordered-tuple than an array and do smart 
   join base1 base2

Did you decide not to use object! in favor of a simple block! for 
some particular reason?


14-Jul 11:08