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Discussion posts for script file-request.r

8-May-2009 4:10
This script errors whenever I try to run it, and I'm far and away 
not fluent enough to solve it. Running in View 2.7.6 (Windows)
13-May-2009 12:31
I believe this script is no longer maintained as View now includes 
a built-in file-requester.

>> ? request-file

    REQUEST-FILE /title title-line button-text /file name /filter filt 
    /keep /only /path /save 

     Requests a file using a popup list of files and directories.
     REQUEST-FILE is a function value.

     /title -- Change heading on request.
         title-line -- Title line of request (Type: any)
         button-text -- Button text for selection (Type: any)

         name -- Default file name or block of file names (Type: any)
         filt -- Filter or block of filters (Type: any)
     /keep -- Keep previous settings and results
     /only -- Return only a single file, not a block.
     /path -- Return absolute path followed by relative files.
     /save -- Request file for saving, otherwise loading.