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4.8 KB
22 Mar 2007
This script allows you to apply the four classical operations (add, subtract divide, multiply) on very big positive integers. Size of the integers is only limited by the size of a rebol string since numbers are represented as strings. When using this script, keep in mind that the operations manipulate string numbers in reverse order (see example at the end of [...]
author: [unknown]
8.2 KB
11 Mar 2007
This script shows how to implement an XPath interpreter in Rebol/Prolog. This interpreter is not complete. It is only a kind of Proof of Concept . It lacks some features. Currently it can parse a document containing elements, attributes and pcdata. In this script I see an xml document as a tree of UNTYPED nodes. Consequently, - all nodes are treated [...]
author: Alban Gabillon