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[REBOL] [] Recent changes

From: rebol:rebol:Mon:Sep:21:08:11:07:2009 at: 21-Sep-2009 6:10

[REBOL] [] Recent changes This is an automatic email from, the REBOL Script Library to notify you of recent changes to the Library. =======changes======= cd.r --change: new script --title: DOS Style CD. --owners: endo --author: Endo --purpose: How to use MSDOS style CD. --url: convertitore.r --change: updated script -- Added milliliters, centiliters, cubic decimeters and cubic centimeters --title: Unit converter --owners: crazyaxe --author: Massimiliano Vessi --purpose: "The best unit converter on earth!" --url: demo.r --change: updated script --title: Demo --owners: notchent --author: Nick --purpose: Amazingly small REBOL demo app: 10 useful programs in only 2.5k (LESS THAN HALF A PRINTED PAGE OF CODE!): 1 - FREEHAND PAINT: draw and save graphic images 2 - SNAKE GAME: eat food, avoid hitting the walls and yourself 3 - TILE PUZZLE, "15": arrange [...] --url: dpl700-converter.r --change: new script --change: updated script --title: PhotoTrackr DPL700 to GPX/PLT converter --owners: piotrgapinsk --author: pijoter --purpose: Converts memory dumps of the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger (MTK) to GPX/OziExplorer formats --url: dpl700.r --change: new script --change: updated script --title: PhotoTrackr DPL700 --owners: piotrgapinsk --author: pijoter --purpose: Reads the memory from the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger to a file --url: ftp-tool.r --change: updated script --title: FTP Tool --owners: notchent --author: Nick --purpose: Full featured FTP application. Taken from the tutorial at --url: ping32.r --change: updated script -- Just changed the author name. --title: Ping using Win32 API --owners: endo --author: Endo --purpose: Real (ICMP) ping using Win32 APIs --url: quick-manual.r --change: new script --change: updated script --title: Quick Manual --owners: notchent --author: Nick --purpose: A quick and dirty way to print out help for all built in functions. Also includes a complete list of VID styles ("view layout" GUI widgets), VID layout words, and VID facets (standard properties available for all the VID styles). Give it a minute to [...] --url: sticky-notes.r --change: updated script -- Just changed the author name, removed email address. --title: Sticky Notes --owners: endo --author: Endo --purpose: Simple but useful sticky note application. Click on New to create new note item. Use icons on note items to edit, delete & resize the item. Click on an item to move, hold CTRL to align. All notes will be saved (compressed) under %notes.dat when you click [...] --url: thumbnail-maker.r --change: updated script --title: Thumbnail Maker --owners: notchent --author: Nick --purpose: Create image preview sheets from a list of files. Used to make the introductory image at --url: =======additional information======= new and updated scripts: =======end======= --The Library People --21-Sep-2009