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[REBOL] Re: Build this and they will come...

From: meta:dimensional at: 28-May-2001 7:46

Holger Kruse wrote:
> On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 11:54:59AM +0100, Mat Bettinson wrote: > > You know, the Psion Revo would be a really really nice Rebol platform > > but unfortunately with RT being American they can't be bothered with > > porting to it :( > > Huh ? What gives you that idea ? The fact that there is no Psion port > for REBOL yet has nothing to do with nationality. > > Personally I like Psion palmtops a lot. I have a Psion 3c at home that > I use a lot for travelling.
You should try the 5MX. I have one and it's a very good general purpose computer. The fact that it's also small, fast, multitasking, portable, instant-on/off, relatively inexpensive and runs for a month on a set of AA batteries are extra bonuses.
> At RT we looked at Psion ports several times. Porting to Series 3 is not > feasible (too slow, too small etc.). Porting to Series 5 and EPOC 5 is > a possibility, and we do have the development environment. Last year we > spent a few weeks on getting Core ported, and we made some progress, but > eventually hit some road blocks. Basically, their development environment > is horrible -- fundamentally different compilers, behavior, functionality > etc. in the PC-based "simulation" compared to the real thing, making > development very slow and tedious. We eventually had to stop because the > EPOC port was taking too much time, and we had other priorities.
Hmm, have you considered getting a series 5MX (about $450 last I checked), Revo (a bit less) or Series 7 (a bit more) and doing the development native instead of using the emulation?
> AFAIK EPOC is up to version 6 now. Do you know if Psion uses it in > Series 7 or Revo ? What OS is Revo running anyway ? Their web site is > all marketing and "organizer hype", nothing else...
AFAIK EPOC 6 is used in new phone-based products from Symbian partners like Nokia and Errickson (sp?). The Psion 5MX, 7 and Revo use EPOC 5. Probably Psion's next round of products (speculation) will use EPOC 6.
> Hopefully EPOC 6 will turn out to be a little more development-friendly > than EPOC 5 was. > > In any case though, with a 480x160 display the Revo seems more like a target > for Core than for View. It might be possible to port View as well, but with > that low resolution most existing View scripts would not work.
Having View on my Psion 5MX would be most appreciated. Perhaps you could make it so the display scrolls to show more resolution. But even if not, I could work within the physical resolution. The two places I would next like to use View are the Psion 5MX and Mac OS X. I wait (mostly) patiently... :^) Best Regards, -Jamie