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[REBOL] Re: Multimedia REBOL... yes or no?

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 10-Jul-2003 22:13

>But, if you want to know the big "blocking point" when it comes to MM >and 3D in REBOL, here is the question you need to answer for me: > > Can it be made machine independent? > >There are two possible answers: > >YES: great! Let's do it. > >NO: then, should we still do it for just a couple platforms, and say >"sorry" to the rest? > >I would like to see MM and 3D in REBOL. But, is it time for a split >from one of the main themes of REBOL? Will the result help or hurt >REBOL? > >Tell me your thoughts. >
OK, I am sorry that my ideas will be more general than you will probably like :-) Carl - I remember one of your interviews after you were asked by GW to lead AmigaOS development. You said one nice thing - something like - In the first place there is technical innovation, which makes your product popular. Then you forget about why your product became popular, and you start only repackaging the product. You were talking about Amiga and what should be done in respective years in regards to OS and hw. To be honest, your own words remind me of rebol situation too. We simply have to ask ourselves - what major technical advancement was made to Rebol in last two years? (unless sitting on your hd). As far as we can see - there were mainly only cosmetic changes. I know some ppl will object, that Rebol itself is a technical advancement :-) But how long we will be able to stay alive with such arguments? I know very well that sometimes it is difficult to stay in business. But let's state the obvious - from the outside pov rebol development/advancement is pure stagnation. Technical limits still persist. Isolation from external environment still persist - no free shell, no free library. There is no point in keeping them out of non-commercial usage at least - rebol syntax and philosophy is in our brains/hearts - it can't become perl, basic, c anymore imo. Ppl would applaud you if that situation would change. I even don't think it would have any finnancil impact on RT - I think quite opposite - blocking/isolating rebol in certain areas of usage kills many potential projects. I saw some ppl refusing to use rebol because of that. Now to be more concrete - if you decide to go MM way - who's there at RT to actually code it? I think that if RT's man-power is limited, you should go and ask those community skilled folks to help you. I can bet they would do it for free (e.g. under NDA), just to help rebol proceed. There should be coordinators in certain areas, which would help you to gather info/requests/questions etc. and filter it for you. While it can be true that open-VID project failed, it was not mostly of my bad coordination, but because there was no-one left to coordinate. There were certain decision points, but you were not available to answer. So my opinion is, that maybe you could use some skilled folks here to help you? As for the cross-platform compatibility - I already stated it in previous email, but now I will make it even more clear - what platforms are you talking about ;-) There is Windows and Linux version, MacOSx View non-existant, maybe one or two other platforms, - but are those really compatible and all have the same versions of View available? As from my perspective - I would prefer rebol being more componentised/modularised (at least internally) to be able to use on PDAs. My personal priority list is - Windows, Linux, MacOSx, PDA oses (WinCE, XPEmbedded?, Symbian, QNX), AmigaOS/MorphOS ... then nothing really important .... and then maybe others ... Now shortly technological aspects - 3D is not multimedia - smooth scrolling, movement, sound sync, effects, transitions is, .... media format replay is ... then there is 3D :-) And what is more - I think that all significant platforms support certains apis (OpenGL, Messa), use hw where possible, if not, emulate thru sw ... but - I will stop here, as I am not skilled in OS internals but I really think it should be possible - how do others do it? ... -pekr-