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[REBOL] Re: IOS account (was RE: Re: Is this a bug ([5 <])?)

From: ingo:2b1 at: 22-Nov-2002 10:47

Petr Krenzelok wrote:
> Ingo Hohmann wrote: > > > Hi Petr, > > > > Petr Krenzelok wrote: > > > >> Ingo Hohmann wrote: > >>
> >> I am not so sure here... It is chat, not some "stupid" off-line ml. I > >> remember my heavy usage of IRC and threading in on-line chat would > >> completly fail ... > > > > > > > > I don't know, I never chatted. But I'm not able to follow the > > conference on busy days. And the stupid remark is from you - does > this mean anything? :-) > > Yes, it means something. I used "stupid", in quotes, as compare the > feeling one gets from being long time chat user vs long time ml user. > Both system have its place here, but why should I explain it to > someone, who admits he "never chatted"? ;-))
Well, for me the offline usage and delayed mode of working are the big pros for an ml. Having to pay internet access by the minute does not encourage usage of chats. The one time I peeked into a chat, "stupid" seemed to be the word to describe the communication going on, seemed not to be worthwhile to try again.
> Well, I do remember few IRC sessions, moderated, where even Carl was > available. It was some big Amiga event, hundreds of ppl at IRC channel. > Ppl are in-touch one with each other. But the experience comes, only > if you try it ... > > >> Yes, some features are missing, but business related > >> ones ... e.g. ability to flag message to some topic for central > >> knowledge-base usage etc. What I am worried about however, is IOS > >> scalability - it has really its limits for quite low amount of users. > >> Some time ago Carl told us, that RT solved that problem, but it was > >> not introduced to IOS yet. Maybe on other servers, I don't know ... > > > > > > > > Hope to see it soon. > > Yes, I would like too, if Carl could possibly drop a note here :-)
Carl? Are you listening? ;-)
> >>> It should be easy to add threading, though. But still, it wouldn't > >>> be as accesible as a mailing list. > >> > >> > > > > You would need to be "in" to be "in" - use Rebol to some extent to be > > able to get to the list, use something additionally to your mailer (I > > guess nearly everyone with access to the web uses email). > > So you comment your own words? ;-)
Yup, sometimes, if I later on think my previous words weren't all that clear - I'm not sure my comment was an improvement, though :-)
> >> We just need to stabilise a bit. Some developers invest > >> tens of hours into the stuff, as free time permits them to do so. They > >> test, I test, I give a feedback. > > > > > > > > Could be a problem with my install - all my files are from around > > july. They _are_ flagged as "not in sync" but that happens so often, I > > don't pay much attention any more. > > It should not happend. Why do you give up? Are you talking about > Evaluation or Developer server. There is plenty of developers from > here in the Developer server area and noone reporting problems like > you describe ... Yes, if you have not logged for too long, it will > take some time to sync-up once again, but that's what is syncing all > about - to get to actual state of things ....
Well, I'm syncing quite regularly at the moment, and I seem to get conference messages all right. But most of my files show the "not in sync" red. I renamed my 'developer dir this morning (A tip sent by Carl, at a time someone mentioned exactly the same problem) - after some time of syncing I had a look again, and I got "file is different locally" again. (I had "file is missing locally" before, so I guess the respective file had been synced, then. This is link, the latest I know about. Where should I look for up to date files? Kind regards, Ingo