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[REBOL] Re: help with mail attachment please

From: dk-photo:home at: 15-Aug-2001 11:48

Holger Kruse said:
>REBOL/View on Mac DOES support opening a script with OpenDocEvent (basically >clicking on a script icon, causing View to be start and execute the script), >but this does not help in passing arguments, because MacOS does not appear >to support anything resembling "command lines". > > >No, it is more complicated than that. Part of the problem is that MacOS >does not allow multiple instances of an application to run simultaneously, >i.e. unlike all other operating systems it does not support a model in >which an application is started with certain arguments such as a script >name, does its work, and then quits, and multiple such instances can run >in parallel. > >Instead MacOS forces an application to multiplex internally, based on >"document" >handles. This may be fine for GUI-heavy applications which sit in an event >loop most of the time, but it is a big problem for applications which are >primarily "processors" (e.g. interpreters) and have an inherently stateful >execution model. This is why REBOL/View on Mac clones itself during >installation, allowing multiple instances of REBOL to run at the same time, >as different binaries. Apparently this is the only "solution" to this problem >on MacOS. > > >The next problem is that MacOS, unlike Unix, Windows, AmigaOS, BeOS,... >apparently has no system() call (or anything similar), i.e. does not >allow interaction with other applications in an industry standard >fashion, but requires proprietary methods (AppleScript again, I assume). > > >If MacOS HAD a shell that provides Posix-like features and API then you >COULD do it with REBOL. It is not REBOL's fault that MacOS does pretty >much all aspects of computing differently than everyone else :-). > >REAL AppleScript support (along with support for other platform-specific >scripting languages, such as ARexx) is something that is on our list. >Unfortunately at the moment other things have higher priorities. Adding >to the difficulties is that currently we do not have a real Mac expert >on staff at RT.
The above statements only serve to prove my point. I reiterate: What we are talking about is NOT a minor feature. If *nix platforms had no command line, you would implement the needed connections in whatever way required. Macs do things differently. So what! They require a different kind of implementation, i.e., AppleScript. So what! That is the way it is done on a Mac. And despite the fact that OS X (*nix based) does have a command line, it STILL uses apple events and AppleScript. AppleScript will continue to be the way such things are done on the Mac platform, by all but the most die-hard. Your complaint that you haven't made Rebol 'the same' on the Mac because 'the Mac is different' is at best weak and certainly leaves Rebol's cross-platform and "universal" claims ringing quite hollow indeed. In short, what you are saying is: "Rebol is universal and cross-platform, except on the Mac, because on the Mac it is inconvenient." Depending on whose statistics you like to use, the Mac holds from 5% to 10% of the computer market. It is reasonable to assume, since a disproportionately high percentage of web sites are served from Macs, and because Rebol is a network-centric language, that interest in Rebol on the part of Mac users would at the very least parallel the Mac's market share. Which means that at least 5% of the people subscribed to this list ought to be Mac users or at least Mac-centric. Based on what I've seen so far in the way of responses, I'll bet the figure is substantially lower. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to find that I'm the only one, or one of only two or three. If I'm right, then you have already lost your battle to become a universal/cross-platform language, because one of those platforms, at your own insistence, has chosen to ignore you! Do I think Rebol is better than Perl and other languages? Absolutely, and by a wide margin. Is the concept of Rebol brilliant? Is Carl Sassenrath a genius? Unequivocally. Will I be using Rebol? No... the people who make Rebol don't think it is important to make Rebol useful to me because I want to use it on a platform that is non-conforming. While the concept of Rebol is visionary, at least this one aspect of its implementation is not, which I believe dooms Rebol to end up on the scrap heap with the HUNDREDS of OTHER brilliant, visionary new languages already there. David Kachel theMac Workshop Democracy is five wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the election. -unknown They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin Millions of sniveling cowards shivering in the corner, begging government to protect them from every threat, real and imagined, have stolen liberty from the rest of us. A government drunk with power, gleefully complies. -David Kachel ...(paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin)