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[REBOL] Re: help with mail attachments please

From: dk-photo:home at: 11-Aug-2001 12:26

Porter Woodward wrote:
> - but I do recall as there was some way to >invoke apps with parameters from within AppleScript. It may simply be >that you'll want to create a wrapper in AppleScript to call REBOL scripts.
That is PRECISELY what I need to do, and exactly what Rebol cannot do. And BTW, the lack of a command line in Mac OS 9.x is not the problem. (I have 1 Windblows, and 2 Linux boxes on my desk, and harbor no "Mac is the only computer in the world" illusions.) What I need is not a command line. I want this solution operator-free and completely automated. I need one running program/script to be able to call a dormant, non-running script (Rebol) into action. Since that CAN be done on *nix, the problem on the Mac doesn't have anything to do with "market share", or shouldn't. Either this "universal" messaging language is really universal or it isn't. If you CAN activate it with calls from other software on some, but not all OS's, then it is NOT universal. Sorry to be so strident in my postings, but I long ago lost count, and lost my patience, with languages that make big promises they never fulfill and then disappear almost overnight. It is infuriating to spend money on books and time on learning a language, only to discover it was all a big waste of time. <TEASE ON> You mentioned that Rebol needs as much as a 70 meg partition on a Windblows machine, and the Mac might have similar problems because of its poor memory management?! It seems to me that any 300+ K app that needs a 70 meg partition may have more than a little poor memory management of its own! </TEASE OFF> David Kachel theMac Workshop Democracy is five wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the election. -unknown They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin Millions of sniveling cowards shivering in the corner, begging government to protect them from every threat, real and imagined, have stolen liberty from the rest of us. A government drunk with power, gleefully complies. -David Kachel ...(paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin)