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[REBOL] Re: help with mail attachment please

From: dk-photo:home at: 10-Aug-2001 10:51

Ryan Cole said:
> msg-header: make system/standard/email [to: [ryanc--iesco-dms--com] from: rya >[nc--iesco-dms--com]] > mail "TEST" msg-header [%test.gif] >reading file: test.gif >
Thanks. I got it to work, sorta. There were a couple of problems. Perhaps you can clear these up for me; 1. The above worked just fine when I sent a small file. But when I tried to send a somewhat hefty PDF (4+ megs, the actual type of file we will be attaching), Rebol told me it didn't have enough memory. A second attempt to send the overweight file caused Rebol to crash and burn. Here's the exact error message: ** Script Error: Not enough memory ** Where: mail ** Near: append mesg line-break enbase either I tried increasing Rebol's memory partition. Result: crash and burn again! 2. The above syntax on my system sends the string "TEST" as the body of the email, with no Subject line, which of course many email servers/software will reject or choke on. How do I get something into the subject line?
>There does seem to be a problem with the 'to field being eaten.
Could you elaborate on that? Exactly what happens?
>BTW, have you used View lately? I use /Core for all kinds of things, and >View is some slick stuff. I have written well over a hundred scripts, and >only a dozen or so were CGI's. I think your missing something.
I think you may have missed my point: Can View (or CORE for that matter) be launched from anything on a Mac and passed parameters? In other words, can any software OTHER THAN REBOL OR A WEB SERVER, activate and pass a function name along with parameters to Rebol, on which information Rebol can then act? Or is Rebol simply a lump that requires me to physically launch it with a mouse and input calls from the keyboard? <RANT ON> As I understand it, Rebol easily responds to such 'messaging' on any flavor of Unix, and even on, ugh, Windblows(?). Why on Earth is it considered unimportant to do the same on a Mac? If it were the *nix platforms that lacked such obviously needed functionality, there would certainly not be a similar failure to "get it" at Rebol. It's not as if such implementation would be difficult either! Only four commands would be required: Activate/Launch/Run Quit DoScript() with() Return What's more, since Rebol can already react to a call from a Web server and accept parameters from it, that means that the plumbing for the above is already largely in place. It's as if the plug is lying on the floor and the folks at Rebol refuse to pick it up and plug it in! Here's what I need to do: 1. Client submits form to Web server. 2. Web server calls my already in-place cgi, sending along the usual form text. 3. My cgi uses the info sent along by the web server to update a couple of databases and then (because the cgi software is properly conversant with the rest of my system) sends a call to Rebol (OR TO VIRTUALLY ANY OTHER SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR THE MAC OR IN THE MAC SYSTEM ITSELF), which... 4. Sits there and does nothing, because Rebol can't take any calls from anything except a web server, but if it could, would package up an email with an attachment and send it out. Now in theory, I could presumably have the web server call Rebol first, which could then successfully package and send my email. But the next thing Rebol would have to do is call the aforementioned cgi, which of course it cannot do, because Rebol is 99% mute!!! Or, I could have Rebol perform the cgi behavior itself, but then... Rebol is still mute and can't do that either. Now the above is the way Rebol behaved (or failed to behave) when I looked at it the first, second and third times. If things have changed and I have simply failed to see it, I would LOVE to be corrected. Someone, Carl(?), PLEASE correct me! I would be overjoyed to eat crow. But until someone can make me chew on black feathers, this so-called universal cross-platform software is not universal or cross-platform at all! If I can write a shell program on Linux that calls Rebol, sends it parameters and makes it jump, then I should be able to do exactly the same thing on any other platform, including the Mac, which accomplishes such things through APPLESCRIPT !!!! The court finds the entire Rebol staff guilty and sentences them to forever code in Fortran... I feel so much better. <RANT OFF> David Kachel theMac Workshop Democracy is five wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the election. -unknown They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin Millions of sniveling cowards shivering in the corner, begging government to protect them from every threat, real and imagined, have stolen liberty from the rest of us. A government drunk with power, gleefully complies. -David Kachel ...(paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin)