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[REBOL] Re: help with mail attachment please

From: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 9-Aug-2001 12:19

It would be nice if 'Send supported attachements. Anyways, here is how you use Sterling attach.r:
>> do >> help mail
USAGE: MAIL mesg headers files DESCRIPTION: send a message with attached files MAIL is a function value. ARGUMENTS: mesg -- the message body (Type: string) headers -- headers object; usually made from system/standard/email (Typ e: object) files -- list of items to send; files will be loaded, other objects should be listed as [attachment-name object] (Type: block)
>> msg-header: make system/standard/email [to: [ryanc--iesco-dms--com] from: rya
>> mail "TEST" msg-header [%test.gif]
reading file: test.gif == [ make object! [ To: CC: none BCC: none From: [ryanc--iesco-dms--com] Reply-To: none ...
There does seem to be a problem with the 'to field being eaten. I dont know why, but you might confirm this, and email sterling for a solution. You might mention to him to add some usage comments in the header section of the script. Other than that, it works fine on my end. If you have a suggestion for the ultimate email function, please post it to the list, a few of enjoy that sort of thing. BTW, have you used View lately? I use /Core for all kinds of things, and View is some slick stuff. I have written well over a hundred scripts, and only a dozen or so were CGI's. I think your missing something. --Ryan David Kachel wrote:
> I haven't looked at Rebol in over a year. But it seems like every time I > try to find a use for it, I get sideswiped by a limitation... > > I have a client with a problem, towit: He has to put his mail server on a > separate machine from his HTML server if he wants to script email > attachments with his current setup. (Macintosh server, WebStar, Lasso). > He doesn't want to set up a separate email server. > > I thought that since Rebol was so simple it could send an email in one > line of code, it might be an ideal solution, so I dusted off my Rebol > stuff and started digging; > > Bang! Clipped already. It seems Rebol cannot send an email attachment, at > least not easily. For 'messaging' software, this seems like a ridiculous > shortcoming! I found attach.r, but it is not commented and there are no > examples, so I cannot get it to work. I get syntax errors galore. And > even if I could get it to work, I still don't know if Rebol's other > shortcomings won't prevent me from using it anyway. > > Is there still no way to 'send a message' to this 'messaging software?' I > don't want to use Rebol as a cgi (BTW, does anyone know if WebStar will > work with Rebol?), and it seems on first glance at the latest version, > that there is still no way for me to call it directly with a set of > parameters from any other program, such as AppleScript. Is that correct? > > You know, it's really great that Rebol can be called as a cgi, but if > there is no other way to call it, then that's all it is... just another > cgi language. Surely I am not STILL the only person who sees how vital > and basic it is for program X to be able to launch Rebol and pass it a > handful of parameters!? > > A rapid response would be much appreciated. I have already lost two days, > re-reviewing Rebol and need to move on to a solution that will work, if > Rebol will not. > > TIA > > David Kachel > theMac Workshop > > > "Democracy is five wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. > Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the election." > > -unknown > > "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain > a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty > nor safety." > -Benjamin Franklin > > "Millions of sniveling cowards shivering in the corner, > begging government to protect them from every threat, > real and imagined, > have stolen liberty from the rest of us. > A government drunk with power, gleefully complies." > > -David Kachel > ...(paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin) > > -- > To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to > [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400