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[REBOL] Re: source code layout question

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 4-Jan-2002 20:41

Hi, to all who wrote about upper and lower case... I freely admit that my bias against upper-case in programs is purely personal and subjective. I cut my programming teeth in the days of punched cards, punched paper tape, and KSR-33s and KSR-35s (those were the days when we used real Teletype clatter boxes as terminals, shoe-box-sized 110-baud modems were high tech!) To my eye, liberal sprinkling of upper-case characters is reminiscent of a few things (none of which are My Favorite Things ;-) 1) Antique I/0 (cards, teleprinters, greenscreens, and line printers -- all of which were usually upper-case only). 2) Human-Readable Documents Produced People Who Don't Know The Difference between titles and running text. (In my college/university teaching days, I read *LOTS* of bad term papers and essay tests!) 3) PEOPLE (INCLUDING SPAMMERS) WHO SHOUT IN EMAIL/NEWSGROUP POSTINGS BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE ABOUT MANNERS. 4) Legal documents that think that LOTS OF RUNNING TEXT IN ALL CAPS IS SOMEHOW MORE IMPORTANT AND MORE LIKELY TO BE READ when every typographic expert I've ever read says that all-caps text is the least readable kind. Everyone is welcome and entitled to his/her views, but I think of upper-case as being similar to Jalapeno peppers and Tabasco sauce (a little goes a long way, and none at all is better than too much! ;-) -jn- -- ; sub REBOL {}; sub head ($) {@_[0]} REBOL [] # despam: func [e] [replace replace/all e ":" "." "#" "@"] ; sub despam {my ($e) = @_; $e =~ tr/:#/.@/; return "\n$e"} print head reverse despam "moc:xedef#yleen:leoj" ;