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[REBOL] Re: REBOL IOS, many Q's. :)

From: edanaii:cox at: 1-May-2002 18:27

Gregg Irwin wrote:
>Hi Ed, > ><< The problem for me is that I'm still not sure as to exactly what REBOL >IOS is. Is it an OS? Is it a suite of applications? Or is it both? I >assume the answer is both. >> > >It is both; it is neither; and it is much much more. Cryptic enough for you? >;) >
Ah yes, I begin to understand now. ;)
>Simply put, it is a client side piece, called Link, that connects to the >server piece (called Serve, just as you would expect). Link appears as a >window, called the Desktop, that is your main point of navigation. It's very >much like the View desktop if you've played with that. On the desktop are a >number of little applications (reblets) along with folders that contain >files, other reblets, etc. None of this is terribly exciting from its >description, I know. > >What's exciting is the first time you fire up Link and it synchronizes you >with everything that's published on the server quickly and reliably. Now you >can publicly Conference, privately Message, submit feedback, browse the >Expert FAQ list, see Who is on line, see what News has been posted, see if >anything interesting is happening on the shared Calendar, check out what >others have published, etc. Hmmm, still not very exciting. > >So, not being excited by this so far, you decide to get a second opinion. >You fly to Paris and unpack your Link client from the single floppy you >brought with you. You connect and, BOOM, everything is there, just as if you >were at home. >
Very nice, and very much what I understand about it. As a tool, it certainly has potential for our Sales Force, over here.
>I wrote a little utility and published it on IOS. One day, Messenger popped >up and someone said "Can I add a couple features to it?" I said that was no >problem, made sure I had published the latest version I had, and a short >time later, a new version appeared with their changes. Messenger came up >again and they said "Hmmm, I'm seeing a bug that causes..." I opened the >code they had published, fixed the bug, and republished it (after testing it >of course :). If I didn't like the end result, I'd just pull up History for >the script and republish an eariler version. >
But this synchronization, I presume applies to more than just REBOL scripts, as you've pointed out above, it applies to just about any kind of documents.
><< Also, since I'm responsible for the movement of data to and from our ODS >(Operation Data Store), I'm curious about REBEL IOS's strengths in this >department. Which is why I asked the question that I did. >> > >IOS is built on REBOL, the language, and REBOL is a "messaging language". >Eventually, as the clouds are lifted from our eyes, we'll begin to >understand what that really means to us as developers. In the meantime, it's >a very net-aware language with ties to a few interop mechanisms and the >ability to create new ones without much difficulty. >
But can it, for example, perform actions that occur to a file, either remotely, or on the local machine? Let's say, for example, that I have a process that needs to be aware of the arrival of a file. Rather than creating a daemon that constantly runs and watches for it, can IOS fire off a process the moment the file arrives? In other words, is it aware of the activities that it performs and can that awareness be passed on to scripts?
>I hope I don't sound too evangelistic. I just love working with this >language. >
Nah... You clearly like the product, that's not a bad thing. :) A few more questions, for anyone that can answer them. You mention that IOS has two components, a client (called LINK) and a server (called SERVE). What can you tell me about Serve? Is it a binary that sits on a host OS? Is it be the sole OS on the box? Or both? Scripts, I've noticed, are extremely small and efficient. How is it CPU-wise? Since it handles encription and compression on the fly, how CPU intensive is it? Since it is distributed, can it share the load with other CPU's? -- Sincerely, | Ed Dana | This is the worst kind of discrimination! The Software Developer | kind against me! 1Ghz Athlon Amiga | -- Bender, Futurama.