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[REBOL] Re: Giving up Rebol?

From: tim:johnsons-web at: 10-Dec-2002 7:57

Hi Patrick: So sorry to read of your concerns! * pat665 <[reboler--ifrance--com]> [021210 06:46]:
> I am getting a bit tired with Rebol for a lot a reasons that this List has > often exposed: > poor documentation,
I've been learning and programming with rebol for 2 1/2 years now, and I believe that documentation has improved, but has a ways to go, but just try to use "help" from perl or python command lines.
> poor feedback,
<sigh>Must agree</sigh>
> many gotchas and unexpected GPF.
"C" is full of gotchas. Whole books have been written on the subject. But it would be great to have a FAQ on "rebol gotchas". Every programming language should have such a resource IMHO. As for GPF - do you mean "general protection faults"? I first used rebol on windows 98 and NT, then moved to Linux. I've never seen the interpreter crash on Linux, and only a time or two on on Windows. Under what circumstances did these GPF occur? Were they submitted to feedback?
> So I am seriously thinking of giving it up.
Rebol's best asset is this mailing list. IMHO
> What kind of alternative is available out there? I mean which programming > language or development system will provide most of the qualities I was > looking for in Rebol?
But we don't know what you are looking for :-) ... I've replace 90% of my "C/C++" legacy code with rebol. It is just so much more productive. I do limited work with python in situations where I need interoperability that rebol/core doesn't provide -- like ODBC access, gzip functionality and access to tcl components. Rebol (according to Carl S.) is influenced by LISP (of which 'scheme) is a derivative. Bigloo offers a systems that can imbedd "C" and Java code in Scheme code *and* compile it, if necessary.
> I don't mean to be provocative here. I'am simply asking the best people to > know.
I believe that if you can speak clearly about your concerns and if members of this list AND (yes, I'm shouting) RT itself can respond positively instead of flames and snide remarks, *you* will make rebol a better system. As for me.... rebol rocks - warts and all! -tim- -- Tim Johnson <[tim--johnsons-web--com]>