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[REBOL] Re: Giving up Rebol?

From: reboler:ifrance at: 10-Dec-2002 22:51

Hi List, Isn't it a sign that my Rebol email reader crashed twice tonight so I have lost all my mails? However, thanks to eScribe, I have been able to read the many answers you have made to my post. There are two voices in my ears. One says "Give it up, you've already spend to much on this thing, it'll never work". The other whispers "Be patient, changes are coming, remember how enthusiastic you used to be". First of all, I must say that this list is *first class*. Certainly a good reason to keep with Rebol. * * * Tim Johnson said * * *
>But we don't know what you are looking for :-)
I think you do, and it's what Rebol is famous for: elegance, conciceness. Rebol is smart. It's a challenge for the brain. It's amazing. I have been *seduced* while reading the Core Manual! * * * Pekr said * *
>The last year or even more I felt frustrated by RTs strategy ... >The future? It was already told here by Carl - SKD release first,
I like your post, pekr, but this whole SDK thing is frightening for me because /View seems left over. I have /View/Pro, no IOS, no SDK, therefore I am not important for RT.
>so send your feedback in and RT will hopefully tell you, when they'll fix it.
A few days ago, I send feedback about my problem with email. No response. So why bother sending. My last problem was this : fp: open/direct/binary %file.dat fp: skip fp 10 These lines freeze Rebol. I think this is a bug known as the seek bug. But I'am not sure. * * * Robert M. Muench said * * *
>The only thing I learned from all the years: >There is no silver bullet...
I must agree here Robert. I have had a good look today at other programing languages. And it makes me very sad indeed. Python or Ruby seem fine ... but what did they give me that I cannot expect from Rebol ? * * * Gregg said * * *
> Python is very popular these days, and Ruby is very strong in Japan...
For me Rebol and Python were in competion in the past. Then I choose the smart little one ! * * * Joel Neely said * * *
>One more chance? ... 8~(
I think it's possible.
>I'd encourage anyone to keep REBOL in his/her toolkit, >even if it weren't the first language for every task!
It's like breaking up with someone and still being friends, isn'it? * * * Ammon Johnson said * * *
> New indepth docs are being released, > Carl himself reads the list and responds to some of the emails
Yeah, are being to ..., will be ..., in November, next week, have been delayed, next month ... Even Carl himself seems less enthusiastic about Rebol ! Hope I am wrong Patrick _____________________________________________________________________ GRAND JEU SMS : Pour gagner un NOKIA 7650, envoyez le mot IF au 61321 (prix d'un SMS + 0.35 euro). Un SMS vous dira si vous avez gagné. Règlement :