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[REBOL] Re: REBOL programming idea...

From: carl:cybercraft at: 22-Oct-2001 19:46

On 22-Oct-01, Gregg Irwin wrote:
> Hey Carl, > << For those who don't know, RARS stands for "Robot Auto Racing > Simulator". With it you write programs to control virtual cars on > virtual race-tracks. <snip> ...So, can anyone think of a similar > idea to be implimented in REBOL? But unlike RARS, the robot programs > shouldn't be written in REBOL but in a REBOL dialect created > specifically for the simulation. Then anyone who wanted to write > robot programs would only have to learn the dialect and wouldn't be > at a disadvantage compared to those who've been writing REBOL code > for years. >> > I've always liked the build-a-better-bot genre, though it's pretty > small. I hadn't seen RARS, and just the other day downloaded > something called AIWars. I've only watched some sample bots run > around in it so far. > I'm playing with my first dialect (Logo) and I have to say that > REBOL makes it pretty darn fun. I haven't tackled procedures with > parameters yet, but you can define parameterless procedures and make > the turtle run around. > Without making a commitment...what should the game be? RARS looks > like it has a fairly high bar on entry, which I'm not keen on. > For real people or programmers?
Both? (: I would think a simple language with not too many words to it would be the way to go. Some to sense the surroundings, some to tell the robot what to do and a few others to make the decisions.
> GUI or text? (Had to ask. :)
Text for writing the programs, (they'd be just scripts, afterall), but a GUI for showing the simulation.
> Thought about Hunt the Wumpus recently...Wumpus Hunter Bots. =:O)
The name rings a bell, but I've forgotten what it is. Enlighten me. (:
> Top down, side view, or 3D?
The beauty of a simulation is that they can be viewed in different ways. RARS has simple top-down views as well as 3D. If the viewer's kept totally seperate, different types could be available at once.
> Destroy opponent(s) or some other goal?
Well, competitive, obviously. Perhaps another individual sport like motor-racing? Yachting perhaps? Or if a teamsport (like soccer) then perhaps you would provide a program for each individual in your team. Or a game could be invented that's not played in the real world. Then the robots could look like robots. (: A multiple competitor game would be more interesting than just one on one. -- Carl Read