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[REBOL] Re: REBOL programming idea...

From: greggirwin:mindspring at: 22-Oct-2001 2:06

Hi Carl, << > Thought about Hunt the Wumpus recently...Wumpus Hunter Bots. =:O) The name rings a bell, but I've forgotten what it is. Enlighten me. >> The Wumpus lives in a cave, 3 tunnels connect every room, and you have to hunt him down shooting crooked arrows. He could eat you, or you could fall in a pit and die, and bats could carry you to a random room. The first "text adventure" game I ever played I think. :) << > Top down, side view, or 3D? The beauty of a simulation is that they can be viewed in different ways. RARS has simple top-down views as well as 3D. If the viewer's kept totally seperate, different types could be available at once. >> Well, there may be differences that limit your views. For example, how many degrees of freedom the bots have and if/how gravity is applied. I guess we need to figure out what we're simulating first. << > Destroy opponent(s) or some other goal? Well, competitive, obviously. Perhaps another individual sport like motor-racing? Yachting perhaps? Or if a teamsport (like soccer) then perhaps you would provide a program for each individual in your team. >> If mere mortals are going to program these things, I don't know if we should push for navigating maps (e.g. race courses). That would probably be too much. They need to be able to move around and perform actions *very* easily and feel proficient in very short order or they'll walk. People these days have very short att... << Or a game could be invented that's not played in the real world. Then the robots could look like robots. (: A multiple competitor game would be more interesting than just one on one. >> Any kind of goal scoring game could be done. You could do it with 1, 2, or more bots per side, or more than 2 teams. Rollerball might be a bit of work. :) For battling bots, you could have them work in groups, one or more attackers plus one or more defenders. You could also do maze-runner/puzzle-solver bots. Have square pegs and round holes scattered about for them to match up. Coordinating bots intentionally will be way too much for non-programmers. If you did something like cats chasing a mouse, each is just acting on his own and adding more doesn't require coordination. I guess the same is true for most things actually. You don't *have* to coordinate them and they may do it naturally to some extent, as a self-organizing system (e.g. StarLogo). Maybe a "team" consists of two types of bots: Hunter and Prey. Did you ever play RoboSport from Maxis? It's a turn-based game and you could program your team of robots to perform very simple actions (all GUI, manual programming done for each turn): change-posture, move, scan(area), fire(target), scan-and-fire(area range-limit), throw-grenade(target), zap. You could play a few different games (destroy, rescue, CTF) on a couple different maps. I'd like to start off simple. I have about a zillion things going on and, if we start small but come up with a good engine to drive it, we can always do more advanced stuff later. The simpler it is, the more accessible it will be to a wider audience (which will still be pretty narrow) and the sooner we can play it. :) Which would you vote for? Soccer/Goal-Game Shooters/Fighters Hunter+Prey Other --Gregg