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From: news:ted:husted at: 21-Sep-2000 16:58

On 9/21/2000 at 4:26 PM [edinburgh--veitchi--co--uk] wrote:
> The finite resources & corporate demands on REBOL TECHNOLOGIES inc.
are the biggest bottleneck to the future direction & speed of development of REBOL, as a language & technology. Personally, I believe the real bottleneck is REBOL Corporate's refusal to provide an industry-standard support systems for developers. The lack of a bug list and knowledge base is inexcusable and unrealistic. Heck, there's not even a formal specification of the language. The documentation is fair -- even good when Carl writes it himself. But for ongong support, all that's provided is a entry-level mailing list with a short-lived archive. The new Command Care script shipping with /COMMAND looks like a step in the right direction -- but where's the /VIEW version? There's a lot of glitz on REBOL.COM about Express, which would be cool IF IT EXISTED! Of coure this is probably why there are so few ready-to-run real-life REBOL applications shipping today - what is there? Vanilla, News Site, and Elan's DBMS. Otherwise, the example being set is that REBOL is a fun toy for quick and dirty puzzles, and that's all anyone seems to write. Even many of the samples are just underpowered clones of other softwares. (Take SELMA for example.) And here we go again, let's write another REBOL interpreter; let's write a EMAC's clone, let's write an email client. Hey, we got those already, let's move on. I know this seems harsh, but I do believe in REBOL, and I would like to recommend it to my clients for paying work. But I'm having trouble seeing the emporer's clothes. My development schedule, including overtime, is booked through November, but if I were going write something in REBOL, I'd start with a Web site control panel, or an enterprise portal, especially ones that looked great in a browser and fantastic in VIEW. Still new ground to cover on those fronts. -Ted.