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From: news:ted:husted at: 22-Sep-2000 22:03

On 9/22/2000 at 7:58 PM [jsc--dataheaven--de] wrote:
> I plan to develop a collaborative work environment tool with REBOL.
There is nothing done yet, so that if some of you want to join me please contact me. I can't offer to do any coding right now, but here's a description of my favorite collaborative dreamware. -- In essence, this application would act like like hooked up to hypertext articles, rather than just links, with the same group editing features dmoz provides for just links. Objective Collect, organize, and maintain a collection of hypertext documents via a HTML browser or SMTP/POP3 email. Audience Knowledge workers connected by a network, already familiar with Internet browsers, portals, and search engines. Requirements - Knowledge Base The knowledge base allows people to create and update articles. The articles are submitted as plain text and converted to HTML. An advanced version allows articles to be formatted according to a template and include various CGI components. Allow text articles and one standard image to be submitted by browser or email. Track article title, ad-hoc and standard keywords, original author, creation date, last editor, edit date, edit history Save articles to HTML files + Title, meta keywords, link to author profile, edit history + Email comment form to author and editors + Back link + Convert HTML meta characters to macros (< >), et cetera Parse saved articles into component fields for editing or indexing Allow author and authorized editors to add target and anchor links to article, when available Create and update author profiles by browser or email Allow new author registration and first article submission as an unified transaction Hold new submissions to queue pending approval by editor Allow updates to article by original author or authorized editor Grant editor rights to an author profile Track articles authored or edited with each profile Full-text search: Responsibility of Web site. Organization by topic: Responsibility of Article binder. Possible Refinements Store articles in alternate format (database, XML / RDF ), and generate HTML pages upon request Maintain companion annotation/history pages linked to main article + May be enabled by template (infra) Allow for submission of multiple images Full-text/keyword search of articles Plain-text formatting of simple HTML elements ("pidgin HTML") *bold* - _underscore_ - ~italics~ - :hot zone: {target} (anchor) bold - underscore - italics - hot zone {{ A: [block] }} - no evaluation - fixed font [heading]:1 {target} (anchor) | col | col | Create articles with various layouts or features based on templates. The template would determine both the input form (by the browser) and the display format (as an HTML document). Knowledge Base | Author Profile Job Postings | Resume | Employer profile / Classified ads Link Directory / Article binder (hint) Common CGI components (some may require registration with a cron script) + Time/date stamp + Guest books | Link Lists | "Talk Back" replies + Email response forms | Confirmations + Email page to reader + Exams | Surveys (Rate it) - - Optional real time tallies + Table of contents (from anchor page to target links) + + What's new index + Blue sky | Kitchen sink - - Includes | Scheduled includes - - Display or comment block - - Variable substitutions - - Hit Counters - - File uploading / downloading - - Shopping carts - - Managed banners - - Slide shows Requirements - Article Binder / Link Directory The article binder allows people to organize hypertext documents into a hierarchy, and also generates alphabetical and chronological indexes. When someone is authorized to edit a topic in the heirarchy, they are also authorized to edit its sub-topics and the associated articles. An advanced version also provides for other features to be associated with topics in the hierarchy, including email, remote updates, and secure viewing of topics or articles. An important feature is that articles can be associated with more than one topic in the hierarchy. Index articles into a hierarchy, with headings and sub-headings Allow articles to appear under more than one heading or sub-heading Authorize editors by heading and sub-heading, with rights for a heading descending to its sub-headings Create hyperlinked heading index in HTML + Top-level headings / Heading and sub-headings for each top-level Create hyperlinked alphabetical index to articles titles in HTML Create hyperlinked author index to articles in HTML, with public portion of author's profile Possible Refinements Email new articles to list of subscribers by heading, or heading and all sub-headings + Articles only; Articles and Replies. + Viewer-only registration / email address Route replies to author and editor, and (optionally) other subscribers Smart update of remote Web site from local machine + May disallow default updates by Internet mail or browser Allow for updates to mirror sites (complete hierarchy or selected branches) Merge and delete articles between binders Secure (members-only) headings or articles Links to off-site articles + Meta-link option to allow update of URL and/or description for entire hierarchy + Or, URL search and replace? Constraints Must be cross-platform + Available to any client platform with a HTML 3.2 or later browser + Run through any popular HTTPD CGI - Apache, IIS, et cetera. -Ted.