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From: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 22-Sep-2000 12:04

[kolla--nvg--ntnu--no] wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2000 [ryanc--iesco-dms--com] wrote: > > > And making REBOL open source would likely lend to its popularity as well. > > But, as far as I know, Python and PHP are not businesses. > > They dont have to be. PHP and python programmer, as well as perl programmers, > make money on making applications with them. The same developers who code > PHP/Python/perl are the same people who create applications with them. > > That's why it works so well. > > -- kolla
It works very well indeed, but my point is subtly askew. Essentially by your logic Python and PHP are money making operations by those who use them, who are often the same people who create them. REBOL is a money making operation for RT, its investors, and hopefully its users. And yes, it is also a outlet for Carl and other RT staff giving them a great sense of fullfillement in life. Albeit, thier are strong arguments for open source REBOL, but I remind you that my position is that it is a dangerous move at this time, and dangerous does not does not mean it will turn out bad, it means it has the potential to turn out bad. To the best of my knowledge, it is relatively unproven business model. I am not saying it would fail, and I could easily argue its success, but from a current investors point of view, it is just too dangerous. If RT is covered in the money area, and thier is evidence that open source would scare away big business or have at least a nuetral effect, then I would say go for it. Going open source would surely boost popularity. I just think in the current tech money market thier is not alot going around, plus at REBOL's youthful stage, combined with some uncertainty in the programming language of the future, releasing source could be very dangerous. Its a one shot deal, and I believe that its a risk that should'nt be attempted unless it became clear that popularity was sagging. When REBOL becomes popular, or at least widely enough known, releasing source could be done more safely. I know its strong temptation, a quick fix to the popularity issue. I suppose if RT had lots of money, it could release the source and use that as a spring board for an add compaign to grab "first in mind" before any competition could catch up. But, If they had lots of money they could just go with the add campaign, topping it off with a source code release if needed. Or they could just spend the money making better products? --Ryan Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400 We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. --Buddha