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[REBOL] Re: cerebrus revisited

From: hallvard:ystad:helpinhand at: 5-Feb-2003 9:27

dixit "Graham Chiu" <[gchiu--compkarori--co--nz]> (Wed, 05 Feb 2003 13:24:34 +1300):
>On Tue, 04 Feb 2003 22:15:33 +0100 > Hallvard Ystad <[hallvard--ystad--helpinhand--com]> wrote: >If you cancelled Cerebrus, that would have killed the >download, but of course the next time round, it would try >again to download the large file.
..But is there no way for cerebrus to detect that Eudora is no longer listening? So that I wouldn't have to kill it?
>It seems to be for encapped View applications. AltME is >running about 15Mb. I was concerned about this memory >footprint, but I guess with memory being as cheap as it >is these days, the problem will become less significant.
I agree.
>>Here's the thought: >>When I receive an email that cerebrus classifies as spam, >>and I whish to allow it based on the from: field, how >>about just letting me forward that email to myself with a >>special subject heading? (Instead of composing a new >>email). Are original headers still with us in forwarded >>emails? In Eudora, they are put in the message body. Will >>that do? What do other email clients do? > >I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Cerebrus >decouples image links to email classed as spam, and you >can fix that by forwarding it back to yourself as an >attachment, putting your Cerebrus password in the >subject, and the command "repair" in the body. That >would work also for plain text email as well.
No, I mean this: I receive an email from [john--doe--com]. There's no attachment, only the words "OK, sex it is", which is a typo for "OK, six it is" to confirm something. Cerebrus classifies it as spam based on you-know-which word. But I'd still like to receive emails from john. So I send an email to myself with the subject "password: soandso", containing something like "allow from [john--doe--com]". Now how about, instead of composing this new email, I could simply forward the message to myself, changing the subject to "password soandso", and have john's email address accepted? For this to work, johns original headers would need to be included in the new message, either as headers or in the message body. Cerebrus would need to recognize it... Now that I look at how much text it took to explain what I meant, I realize that my solution maybe isn't all the much better after all. But then, here's another twist to the thought (make money! 0.02): how about having some sort of an "import message" to cerebrus, so that I could say e.g. import eudora-contacts-file for cerebrus to parse the file and add all email addresses in the file to my allow from: list? So that I wouldn't have to add them one by one later, as they send me emails with typos? As I said, just a thought. ~H