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[ALLY] Re: Freeze Snapshot?

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 9-Nov-2000 19:06

> Hi Elan, > > Stable enough, Yes. > It is getting very close to release, I think it is only one (or maybe 2) > revisions away from being releasable. It is just a matter of refining what > is there. > > ToDo... > 1. Changes to ports to allow better backround asychronous > events/downloading.
asynchronous, tasking, modular, whatever :-) agreed ...
> 2. Minor cleanup in VID. Expansion of variety of VID gadgets. > (some of this can be done by the REBOL community) > 3. Consolidation of the various caching functions ( > read-thru, read-via, load-image, load-thru, read-net) > 4. As mentioned by Petr, stay on top windows and real modal popups. > 5. Scaling & Font Rotation: Planned features, that could be dropped until > v1.1
I am fine with fonts. However - I very rare use default setting for fonts. Do you think it is really good to have shadowed fonts by default? I don't like them because of worse readability ...
> My Wishlist, > 1. A way to create native Menus in the Windows.
Not sure it fits View philosophy - we have very core architecture - faces - and as I suggested, we could build menu plug-in, component, module, widget, call it whatever. But looking at matlab, their figures have possibility to have default os menus .... after all - we use default os window bars, right?
> 2. DB connectivity...
Hmm, if we are talking view - I will not more agree to such arguments :-) For me there is only one way for Rebol, or I would probably not use it .... e.g. if RT would not show me a signal having components, modularity, etc. is the way to go, REBOL would not be technology worth enough for me, as I know what Carl gave us by creating AmigaOS and what he has promissed to us - to bring us better system .... So, DB connectivity is case for separate component. Once we have dynamic components, you will be probably able to buy just what you need - I e.g. don't need /ODBC, /Oracle so why should I pay for it? It's also very limiting factor for RT itself. If someone has already Oracle, he/she can probably afford to pay some XXX or even XXXX USD for /Oracle. I can very easily imagine buying /Shell for 30 e.g. and /Library for 50 - 100 USD ... current state of things is something I can't understand - do you know language where you don't have shell by default, or you have to use special version to just call libraries? One and only core.exe and others as components (libraries) - it works that way in computing for ages ... But looking at practical usability, I would better welcome things as load/files, load/dirs, load/dir-tree, find/deep, native drawing lines, boxes, circles, ovals, filling the areas as effects to faces. They are small additions but can help so much to speed certain functionality. Also operations upon arrays is so slow. Why don't we have basic matrice operations? I've heard many things can be solved by matrices - e.g. own effects to faces ... Should I add, change of mouse pointer? Mouse is still the same thru all the states, it's sometimes confusing ... btw: why 'load doesn't allow us to load images from strings? Let's say I have packed image, will 'decompress it, but can't load it into image datatype. The only way seems to be to save it to file first ... Later, -pekr-