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[ALLY] Re: Freeze Snapshot?

From: agem:crosswinds at: 9-Nov-2000 8:27

[petr--krenzelok--trz--cz] wrote on 9-Nov-2000/19:06:58+1:00
> > Hi Elan, > > > > Stable enough, Yes. > > It is getting very close to release, I think it is only one (or maybe 2) > > revisions away from being releasable. It is just a matter of refining what > > is there. > > > > ToDo... > > 1. Changes to ports to allow better backround asychronous > > events/downloading. > > asynchronous, tasking, modular, whatever :-) agreed ... > > > 2. Minor cleanup in VID. Expansion of variety of VID gadgets. > > (some of this can be done by the REBOL community) > > 3. Consolidation of the various caching functions ( > > read-thru, read-via, load-image, load-thru, read-net) > > 4. As mentioned by Petr, stay on top windows and real modal popups. > > 5. Scaling & Font Rotation: Planned features, that could be dropped until > > v1.1 > > I am fine with fonts. However - I very rare use default setting for fonts. > Do you think it is really good to have shadowed fonts by default? I don't > like them because of worse readability ... > > > My Wishlist, > > 1. A way to create native Menus in the Windows. > > Not sure it fits View philosophy - we have very core architecture - faces - > and as I suggested, we could build menu plug-in, component, module, widget, > call it whatever. But looking at matlab, their figures have possibility to > have default os menus .... after all - we use default os window bars, right? > > > 2. DB connectivity... > > Hmm, if we are talking view - I will not more agree to such arguments :-) > For me there is only one way for Rebol, or I would probably not use it .... > e.g. if RT would not show me a signal having components, modularity, etc. is > the way to go, REBOL would not be technology worth enough for me, as I know > what Carl gave us by creating AmigaOS and what he has promissed to us - to > bring us better system .... > > So, DB connectivity is case for separate component. Once we have dynamic > components, you will be probably able to buy just what you need - I e.g. > don't need /ODBC, /Oracle so why should I pay for it? It's also very > limiting factor for RT itself. If someone has already Oracle, he/she can > probably afford to pay some XXX or even XXXX USD for /Oracle. I can very > easily imagine buying /Shell for 30 e.g. and /Library for 50 - 100 USD ... > > current state of things is something I can't understand - do you know > language where you don't have shell by default, or you have to use special > version to just call libraries? One and only core.exe and others as > components (libraries) - it works that way in computing for ages ... > > But looking at practical usability, I would better welcome things as > load/files, load/dirs, load/dir-tree, find/deep, native drawing lines, > boxes, circles, ovals, filling the areas as effects to faces. They are small > additions but can help so much to speed certain functionality. Also > operations upon arrays is so slow. Why don't we have basic matrice > operations? I've heard many things can be solved by matrices - e.g. own > effects to faces ... > Should I add, change of mouse pointer? Mouse is still the same thru all the > states, it's sometimes confusing ... > > btw: why 'load doesn't allow us to load images from strings? Let's say I > have packed image, will 'decompress it, but can't load it into image > datatype. The only way seems to be to save it to file first ... >
maybe you can use [load to binary!] ? i use enbase/debase without compression for pics. another: you can fake a ram-floppy by a little protocol. this gives you binary load from strings :) could also solve this 'load-thru ..versions, something like [load thru-net://my.jpg]. Volker