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[REBOL] Re: Can't double-click rebol scripts on iMac

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 26-Aug-2002 16:42

Hi, Gabriele, Gabriele Santilli wrote:
> JN> Mac files are usually exchanged across the 'Net using a tool > JN> such as Stuffit, which creates a single data file containing > JN> all of the necessary components: >
And, of course, before Stuffit there was BinHex...
> So it's not a big deal, as long as you --- the developer --- > can tell MacOS that that file should be opened by REBOL and > not by your editor. What's the problem for the user? >
I assume your talking about the scenario where a "developer" writes a script and gives it to a "user" who is expected to double-click on it to run as needed but not expected to modify the content of the script file. I'm running OS/X on my iBook, so I don't have ready access to try an experiment on older (non-X) MacOS versions. The key questions would be: 1) What is the creator/application code for REBOL/Core? 2) Is there a different creator/application code for /View? 3) If someone uses a utility to change the creator code for a file of type "TEXT" from whatever editor created it to the creator code for /Core or /View, will REBOL (either version) know to DO that file once launched? 4) If REBOL (either /View or /Core) creates a file, what creator and type codes will the directory contain for that file? If anyone has ready access to a non-X MacOS with a utility such as BBEdit (which can manipulate creator/type codes), the above could be answered fairly quickly. If the answer to (3) is "Yes", and the answer to (4) is that the creator is set to the appropriate version of REBOL and the type is left as something else that REBOL will accept per question (3) then a REBOL one-liner could be written to a) read a specified text file (assumed to be a script) b) write it to another name (implicitly marking it with REBOL as the creator) and the output would cause REBOL to launch and run when double- clicked. Needless to say, all of this is speculative, contingent, and disclaimered six ways from Sunday... ;-) -jn-