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[REBOL] Re: Can't double-click rebol scripts on iMac

From: dada:gecko:verizon at: 29-Aug-2002 11:26

It's great that there's a shareware app for doing that. Cool. However, I still wonder if there is some way to build an application in Rebol and then have people grab the OS-specific version -- mac OS, mac OSX, amiga, pc, *nix -- of that app, and use it without any other work necessary on their part. Is there? I'm relatively new to this whole rebol world. Thanks, sd Anton wrote:
> I am not a mac person for a long time, > but I found with a little searching a > shareware program that does what you need. > Go here for "Default App": > > Near the bottom of this page, it has > an option "Use File Extension Mappings". > > See if it works for you. > > I got there via this programmer's site: > > > Anton. > >>The file Type and Creator for Rebol View does not appear to be registered >>with Apple. >>I have written many Rebol View scripts for OS9.x and Windows, but >>have never >>been >>able to "Double Click" on any Rebol script to activate it. (This is on any >>non OS/X). >>I have always used the rebol desktop to initiate a rebol script on a Mac. >>This is one of the reasons I have used Applescript in many instances >>because, most Mac >>users only know how to "Double Click". >>If anyone knows of an existing file Type and Creator for non-OS/X, life >>would be much >>simpler. (Yes Rebol is far more efficient than Applescript!) >> >>Regards, >>Albert Geluk >>----- Original Message ----- >>From: "Joel Neely" <[joel--neely--fedex--com]> >>To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> >>Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 7:42 AM >>Subject: [REBOL] Re: Can't double-click rebol scripts on iMac >> >> >> >>>Hi, Gabriele, >>> >>>Gabriele Santilli wrote: >>> >>>>JN> Mac files are usually exchanged across the 'Net using a tool >>>>JN> such as Stuffit, which creates a single data file containing >>>>JN> all of the necessary components: >>>> >>> >>>And, of course, before Stuffit there was BinHex... >>> >>> >>>>So it's not a big deal, as long as you --- the developer --- >>>>can tell MacOS that that file should be opened by REBOL and >>>>not by your editor. What's the problem for the user? >>>> >>> >>>I assume your talking about the scenario where a "developer" writes >>>a script and gives it to a "user" who is expected to double-click >>>on it to run as needed but not expected to modify the content of >>>the script file. >>> >>>I'm running OS/X on my iBook, so I don't have ready access to try >>>an experiment on older (non-X) MacOS versions. The key questions >>>would be: >>> >>>1) What is the creator/application code for REBOL/Core? >>> >>>2) Is there a different creator/application code for /View? >>> >>>3) If someone uses a utility to change the creator code for a >>> file of type "TEXT" from whatever editor created it to the >>> creator code for /Core or /View, will REBOL (either version) >>> know to DO that file once launched? >>> >>>4) If REBOL (either /View or /Core) creates a file, what creator >>> and type codes will the directory contain for that file? >>> >>>If anyone has ready access to a non-X MacOS with a utility such >>>as BBEdit (which can manipulate creator/type codes), the above >>>could be answered fairly quickly. >>> >>>If the answer to (3) is "Yes", and the answer to (4) is that the >>>creator is set to the appropriate version of REBOL and the type >>>is left as something else that REBOL will accept per question (3) >>>then a REBOL one-liner could be written to >>> >>>a) read a specified text file (assumed to be a script) >>>b) write it to another name (implicitly marking it with REBOL >>> as the creator) >>> >>>and the output would cause REBOL to launch and run when double- >>>clicked. >>> >>>Needless to say, all of this is speculative, contingent, and >>>disclaimered six ways from Sunday... ;-) >>> >>>-jn- >>>-- >>>To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to >>>[rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the >>>subject, without the quotes. >>> >>> >> >> >>-- >>To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to >>[rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the >>subject, without the quotes. >> >
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