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[Ann-Reply] Reply to Announce group

Sunanda I hope it too ;)
this kind of project allows every one even ones who are weak in programming 
to participate and learn ;)
There's a problem with my RebXML format, now that I wanna use a slash 
to make an empty element. The problem arise, when having string content 
after the slash, because it'll then be seen as an attribute. I'm 
working on it...
I don't think, the problem can be solved, so I have to go back to 
using an empty string to define an empty element. The problem is, 
{<doc><element att="value" />some text</doc>}
is a valid XML string. The RebXML version is:
[doc [element att "value" / "some text"]]
and that will be converted back to:
{<doc><element att="value" /="some text">}

because the slash is seen as a word by the parse command, and then 
it's recognized as an attribute, because attributes are defined as 
a word! and a string!.

I'll think about it a little longer and give you guys the option 
to point me to a solution. Else I'll just change it back.
I understand you want to use "/" as XML does. But may be considering 
another character is easier :
>> type? #
== issue!
>> parse [#][#]
== true
>> parse [#][set t issue!]
== true
Yes, that's a good suggestion. Will it be too weird to define an 
empty element with a #? hmm
[doc [element att "value" # "some text"]]
How does that look?
Ok, I desided to go with the # method. Thanks DideC! :-)
no problem ;-)
Geomol, can't you just make an exception for words beginning with 
a slash ?
I mean, "/" = form word  ?
I haven't found a way to do that within a parse rule. It's like parsing 
words and stop with a certain word.

parse [word1 word2 word3 X word4 word5] [any ['X (stop parsing!!!) 
| word!]]

How do I stop?
parse [word1 word2 word3 X word4 word5 [any ['X break | word!]]
And then start the parse again from that point. Hmmm, a possbility! 
parse [w1 w2 w3 X w4 w5] [any ['X (print 'stop) break | word!] to 
end]  ;maybe clearer
That's it! Thanks!
And I consider myself a programmer. ;-)
if you are going to restart parse at that point maybe a skip  or 
'X here: (here: next :here) :here
break only break out of that inner rule, not the parse, so it's no 
problem. It's actually the way, I wanted it.
parse [w1 w2 w3 X w4 w5] [any ['X (print 'stop) break | set w word! 
(print ["Word:" w])]
any [set w word! (print ["More words:" w])]]
Tomc, I may have misunderstood you. I think, you meant the same as 
I. Anyway it seems to work ok now. :-)
pretty cool Ashley - mdviewer.r
Ashley: awesome !
Looks good Ashley.....A nice piece of work.

One tiny thing.  It needs a 'needs in the REBOL header  -- otherwise 
it looks like it'll run on the current live release of REBOL/View 
(it almost does, but the info button fails as stats is not valid)
nice work ashley I'm going to study your code to see have is your 
new method and inspire me of it to MDP-GUI preview rending
MDViewer is really cute and speedy !!! A piece of art work  Ashley 
once again I have so mutch to learn from you  !!
Congratulations Ashley, impressive result !
Mmm.. looks like I'm just going to have to read-thru that link...
... we need another, probably speech free separate community server, 
where ppl meet not only because of rebol, but because they want to 
I somehow fear, that if this server would follow Gregg's rules - 
"keep ti Rebol related" only, it would die of non communication ...
Just a comment regarding Gregg's last announcement... your point 
is much clearer, thank you... however, I tend to disagree.. and here's 

Since the beginning of February, 94 different Rebols (which some 
call Rebolers) have visited this world.  I would say that the 80/20 
rule would be fairly accurate, where 80% of the posts are made by 
20% of the community.  I'm not exactly sure what the exact percentages 
would be, but I would say that well over half rarely, if ever, say 
a word.   I would like to hear from a few more of these folks .. 
about anything.. who are they?.. what do they do?  And if some Rebol 
chat comes from that.. all the better.  I'd like to see an eagerness 
to participate at whatever level.   

People are drawn here because of a common  interest.. Rebol.  But 
what keeps them coming back?  Is it the pure Rebol conversations? 
 I don't think so.  If that were the case, then where is the Rebol-view 
world?  That used to be the main hang out? I for one, stopped going 
there because it became dry, old, boring and censored.  I preferred 
this world because it DIDN'T have the rules.. the conversations were 
much more free and engaging.. both Rebol and non-Rebol.   I've found 
the business / marketing discussions particularily interesting.  
The 'debates' on evolution vs. creation have been stimulating TO 
ME... maybe not to you.

Rebol needs all the community it can get.  I would make few f any 
'rules', (other than the obvious).  If you want pure Rebol, then 
fire-up Rebol-view and have at it.. But if "this is not our world", 
then what the hell am I doing here?

My online community is where I touch base to see whether I'm on the 
right track, where I get support and advice, and where I learn and 
teach. In the eyes of its many users, online communication is a powerful 
medium for like-minded individuals to form virtual communities that 
provide mutual support, advice and identity.

Communications networks 
offer the prospect of greater opportunities for seeking advice, challenging 
orthodoxy, meeting new minds and constructing one's own sense of 
self. Entirely new notions of social action, based not upon proximity 
and shared physical experience but rather on remote networks of common 
perceptions, may begin to emerge and challenge existing social structures 
(Loader, 1998).
The spirit of community is essential to the vitality of virtual communities. 
What holds a virtual community intact is the subjective criterion 
of togetherness, a feeling of connectedness that confers a sense 
of belonging. Virtual communities require much more than the mere 
act of connection itself (Foster, 1996).
(Graham- as much as you may hate quotes outside of the 'quotes' group, 
'try and restrain yourself!')
I read this posts. They're interessants. I like them. But, as a reader, 
I don't post to tell that. So, if I follow the rules, Terry don't 
post anymore, because he post more than 2 post on the same subject... 
Sad. very sad. I like reading terry's posts, IA, natural language, 
and so on... But I didn't post.
This world is not in my mail-reader, it's an executable, I have to 
launch it to view, read, and write... I really think that if I have 
good time on this world, if I can meet some friends, and read some 
interessant subject, then I'm going to connect often and often, read 
more, and participate more. If it doesn't, then I forgot this world, 
and I connect only if someone tell me about something in this world 
(or if I time to spend).
sure how to increase rebol knowledge without using this wonderfull 
tool that is altme ... Maybe it has to be improved to fixsome hudge 
bugs ..but it doesn't evolve so we are obligated to limit our interventions

The way by using a slash to define an empty element doesn't seem 
to work with the official release of REBOL/View version 1.2.1. I 
use rvdraw57e.exe, and here it works.

- Thanks for all the feedback (both public and private) guys
- Sunanda: 'stats - missed that one; system/stats should fix it

- shadwolf: MD2-IDE was the VID proto-type; mdViewer is the *real* 
View implementation (i.e. I won't radically change the render engine 
on you again ;) )
Quick comment in support of Gregg's last announcement: I've tried 
introducing a number of folks to REBOL/AltME, and they were deterred 
from using it because of the high amount of noise and the feeling 
that they were "intruding" on a series of private conversations. 
So my feeling on the matter is that wide ranging discussions are 
all well and fine for folks who are *already* here but could deter 
some folks who come to the REBOL world thinking it might be a purely 
technical / support forum.
Perhaps some worldmaster dividers to separate chatter from technical 
stuff would help without really changing much?
Agree, Ashley.  I would never bring someone to this world to turn 
them on to REBOL  I have other places set up to do that.
Ashley - but that is contrary to what some of us think. What Gregg 
proposed was further isolation of free speach.
I would never think of this world as of support only forum. And if 
someone thinks that average reboller is kind of robot adhered to 
rebol only topics, I may be living some other planet then and I may 
think of leaving this world alltogether ...
where will you go to ?
a nowhere threat
Do you think that I need to be present on forum, where I am accused 
of some adhering to rules, because someone just thinks that something 
gone wrong?