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What's an AltME Archive?

1. AltME

AltME is an "ALTernative Messaging Environment" -- ie discussion forums, written entirely in REBOL. See altme.com  for more details.

REBOL.org is not responsible for the content of the postings. We simply offer a web-visible archive of some of the posts.

Neither are we able to sign you up as a member of any AltME world. If you want to join the REBOL3 world, please see the notes below.


REBOL3  is an AltME world (ie a set of messaging channels). It is one of the main places where REBOL developers gather to discuss REBOL, the universe and everything.

2.1. How to join REBOL3

Please see the notes on joining REBOL3 

Some of the groups (channels) on REBOL3 are flagged as being web-public. It is some of those groups that we are republishing as the r3wp: REBOL3 web-public archive. 


These two worlds were the forerunners for REBOL3. We have a full archive of them both. It is available to any REBOL.org Library member who was also a member of those worlds. If that includes you, please send us a feedback message to request membership.

4. How up to date is the archive?

Generally, it will lag by a day. It is an archive not an online viewer.

5. What about searching?

It is fully searchable (use the find AltME posts box on the left).

6. Is it included in your RSS feed?

Not yet, no.

7. What about other AltME worlds?

We can republish other worlds too. The only criteria are:

  • the members of the worlds agree
  • the world relates to REBOL in some way
  • if there are some groups that are publishable and some that are not, there is a simple way of distinguishing
  • one of the world owners takes responsibility for running our posts uploader at regular intervals (that's the only way posts can get from AltME (a private resource) to REBOL.org
If you have a suitable world, please contact us via our feedback link.