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Request membership of REBOL3

REBOL3 is an Altme world that acts as a day-to-day gathering place for many in the REBOL community.

Discussions are not limited to the forthcoming R3 edition of REBOL; all aspects of REBOL are open for discussion (the world is called REBOL3 because it replaces two previous such discussion places).

The Librarians at REBOL.org do not manage the REBOL3 discussion world. It is a third-party application for which we simply publish an archive.
It is not possible to join REBOL3 directly from here. Nor is it possible to post messages to REBOL3 via the web archive you see here. But we can help you request membership....

Joining is a two-stage process:

  1. Download the client software from Altme.com. The client is a desktop application that allows you to view and send messages to Altme worlds.
  2. Request a membership of the REBOL3 world....

....Request a membership of the REBOL3 world

You need to get the attention of a REBOL3 world Admin (moderator) who can create the membership for you. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Ask on the REBOL Gateway world
  2. Ask on the mailing list
  3. Ask via REBOL.org

1. Ask on the REBOL Gateway world

This is the recommended method.

REBOL Gateway is an AltME world set up as a gateway to other REBOL resources.

  • Start the AltME client (that you just downloaded)
  • go to:
    • World: REBOL-gate
    • Username: guest
    • Password: guest
  • Post a message in the REBOL3 Join Requests group. We'll need your full name, preferred username, and a working email address (to send you a password)
  • Sit back and wait for a confirming email. To prevent spam, join requests are checked by real humans, so please be patient; it may take us a day or two to respond
  • If you are new to AltME: while you are waiting, please play with making posts in the playpen group. That'll give you a feel for how AltME works
  • Also, ask any questions in the Questions? group

2. Ask on the Mailing list

May be easy for you if you are already a REBOL Mailing List member.

Otherwise, you'll need to sign up to the REBOL Mailing List.

Then post a message asking to join. A REBOL3 world Admin is likely to see your message in a day or so and respond privately by email with your sign-up details.

3. Ask via REBOL.org

Use this method if all else fails!

If you are a Library member, we can pass your request on to the REBOL3 Admin team. You are not currently logged on to REBOL.org, so we cannot tell if you are a member or not. Please logon (or sign up) and refresh this page for more details.