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[Ann-Reply] Reply to Announce group

Paul:  NTLM library license is LGPL (so you can use it freely). Regarding 
the domain credentials, the ntlm:// scheme support it, but not the 
HTTP patch. I'll post an update today to fix that issue.
NTLM lib updated to allow Workgroup setting.
Is that what happens normally?  The text of the blog is also included 
in the RSS feed?
I've got a reply. Moving this conversation to emit rss group.
I was able to get on now
Same here
[unknown: 9]
I was not this moring.
I can't see anything!!!  oh.. my eyes were closed.  :-~
Terry -- please use Ann-reply to chat about announcements -- as per 
the group description
 -- Sunanda.... 
My bad, i thought I had.. one of the problems with Altme.
i should clarify my point..   Community is just that.. community. 
 By telling someone what they can and can't talk about would be like 
telling your staff "If you want to talk about the weather, do it 
on your own time."  If you did this in the workplace, you would find 
yourself void of employees quick smart.  If it's inappropriate in 
the workplace, where you PAY people to work, how more inappropriate 
is it here?

If this world was limited to just Rebol discussions, I would probably 
only read it once every few months, or if I had a problem.  But over 
the years, I've come to know some of you very well, and appreciate 
your opinons and discussions.. not only regarding the MAIN topic.. 
Rebol.. but on various other topics as well.

I'm well aware that some of the folks here consider my opinions, 
discussions etc. 'out of place' and verbose, to say the least, however, 
as I've said before, feel free to ignore them.  If you can't, well, 
I guess you can try censorship, but that will not help the community.. 
not at all.
Heh!  I haven't worked for one company that didn't try censor the 
conversations of employees to some extent or another.
From a QoS (Quality of Service) viewpoint then keeping things on 
topic is important.   There are official moderators on most community 
channels that have to do with a commercial product and although none 
of REBOL's community channels have any moderators for some reason 
you feel you must complain when someone tells you that you posted 
a message to the wrong group?
This isn't just about me Ammon, try to keep on the topic please.
I didn't change the subject.  I'm just wondering what hurt you feelings 
about being told that you were in the wrong group is all.  A bit 
embarrassing I guess, I'll leave you too blush in peace...
If chaos is not to reign here, let's follow the rules .. otherwise, 
someone will be forced to enforce those rules
What rules?
post in the appropriate channel .. or make your own channel
this at least is both an implicit and explicit rule
Who's arguing with that?  We all accidentally post in the wrong channel 
sometimes.. I'm talking about the "though the topics should be REBOL 
related" comment made by Gregg.  If you look at my post above, I 
apologized for posting in the wrong group.
well, if all the topics should be rebol related, we're in trouble.
And if they're in a non english language .. who's going to know??
I beleive Gregg is just trying to have some manners, not set rules. 
 It is a given that when someone welcomes you, you should not overstay 
your welcome or you won't be welcome any more.  So rather than trying 
to set any rules or restrict anyone's conversations, I believe Gregg 
was just say, "Let's not overstay our welcome."
I have yet to see anyone here "overstaying their welcome".  And if 
no one is doing that, then why make the point?  Could it be a personal 
issue perhaps?  An "I'd rather not try to filter out stuff im not 
interested in, so stifle it." ?
It could be, but I doubt it.
You're speaking on behalf of those wearing hats again Ammon... I'm 
probably the most argumentative person here, but you would clearly 
be second.. So if I'm "not welcomed", then you could be pretty sure 
that you'd be next.
[unknown: 9]
My bad, i thought I had.. one of the problems with Altme.

Did you just blame AltME because you were in the wrong group?  LOL
Q: I have yet to see anyone here "overstaying their welcome". 

A: Let us focus on signal to noise, which seems to be the focus of 
Gregg's post.

Q:  And if no one is doing that, then why make the point?  Could 
it be a personal issue perhaps?  An "I'd rather not try to filter 
out stuff im not interested in, so stifle it." ?

A: Do you feel you have an axe to grind?  Is there something your 
reading into the cordial request to all to "please remember to stay 
on topic in groups." ?

I must have missed something, how did you jump from the sentence 
above, and the sentence "If you don't want to be bothered with a 
particular group, feel free to remove yourself from it. "  which 
seams educational (people do forget they can change the channel in 
censorship terms to "So if I'm "not welcomed""?

Reading your posts here leads me to believe you have taken what was 
written as if it was written to and for you, yet it seems to be written 
as general web etiquette but as it applies to Rebol3.
Just a week or so ago I seem to remember starting a group called 
"Hitler" (which someone renamed Quagmire…I think Hitler is still 
a better name).

The whole reasons being that anyone with a strong enjoyment of debate, 
that has am opinion will eventually pull a thread off topic.  It 
is natural.

I simply wanted to offer a method in our community here to push people 
to take it "out of the room" so to speak.

In our office we have a large plastic pig we call the tangent pig. 
 If during a meeting anyone deems the conversation to have strayed 
off topic, we had them the plastic pig, since in order to be on a 
tangent, you must have the pig in your hand.  It works the other 
way also, if you want to pull a tangent, jump for the pig.  It works. 
 Tangents are quick.
aye carumba
1. ) It IS much easier to accidentally post into the wrong group 
with Altme, than say, a BB.  That's beyond debate.

2.) As I mentioned, it's not the "stay on topic" point.. it's the 
'all topics should be Rebol related' point.. of which Graham above 
understood with the response... "well, if all the topics should be 
rebol related, we're in trouble."  My comment, as both you AND Ammon 
have 'missed', has nothing to do with either posting in the wrong 
group, OR staying on topic within a particular subject.
[unknown: 9]
You know Terry, I find your writings rather sanctimonious.

I didn't "miss" anything, I simply agree with Gregg.  Groups should 
really be Rebol related.  This world is provided by and for Rebol. 
 Or Cleary marked so you know they are not, and offered in a way 
to not be part of them, as in Private.
It already is.  You may notice on the Health group a number of Rebols 
have opted out.
I see opportunities to write code being wasted here.
just wondering why ann-reply is also a private group
but everyone is in it
How's that?
ok, who's the wise guy who changed it ?
Ahh, the privacy thing.. I'm guessing that someone exited the group, 
then returned.. but forgot to make it public again.. till now.
we lack a history of changes
I'm the one who made it public again, not sure who made it private...
congrats rebol-france
Thank you graham we are preparing the next steps like improvement 
the conversion to MD2 in order to release it on RT doc server as 
soon it is online ;)
U used mdp ?
non dokuwiki format to enhance work abality and reability we decided 
to open a dokuwiki widly open to anyone
but we have yet Vincent Ecuyer that  make an MD2 convertion script 
that retrieves the pages from de dokuwiki on line and write on the 
local hard drive the file containing the infos converted to MD2 format
just looking at the docuwiki docs now.
REBOL is a true killing app for all those kind of little conversion 
script little but very powerfull
Congratulations! I was impressed by the website progress display, 
whose visual feedback surely helped you to reach your goals.
Nice work, guys!

It's a trail-blazing project that I hope inspires others to follow.