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AltME archive search

1. What's this?

A full index of the posts we have archive from various AltME worlds.

2. How to use it

  • Type words to be searched in the find AltME posts box
  • If you want to exclude a word, precede it with a tilde, eg ~system
  • Press enter

3. Special searches

To see the most recent NN posts, use: //recent:NN, etg

  • //recent:200 ;; most recent 200 posts
  • //recent:1 ;; most recent post
  • //recent ;; most recent 100 posts (100 by default)
  • //recent:999 ;; most recent 255 posts (the maximum allowed)

4. Didn't find what you were looking for?

There may be several reasons for that:

4.1. We haven't got it indexed

  • There is a lag of a day or so before new messages are indexed
  • our definition of a word and yours may vary. We think this:
    • We don't index words longer than 40 characters -- this eliminates many URLs
    • We only index words containing letters and digits and some specific symbols (FN and 24x7 are words but F[N] is see as F and N -- ie two one-letter words.
    • On the other hand, there are no stop words. Every word is indexed.

4.2. You've used operators we don't recognise, so we treat them as words to be searched:

carl or gregg 
  • .... does not do a search for messages containing carl OR gregg. It searches for messages containing carl AND OR AND gregg
  • You used a tilde. We treat ~ as a NOT operator:
  • will be parsed as help AND ~me -- meaning a match must contain help and must not contain me

4.3. The world archive is not visible to you

  • We have various worlds archived and indexed -- these include the [web-public] parts of REBOL3 (the main, public developers' world) and all of its predecessors: REBOL and REBOL2.
  • However, some of those worlds are only available to you if you are logged on; and others become available if they are in your library member profile.
  • If you are missing a world you believe you should have access to: please send us a feedback message

5. Questions?

5.1. How do I exclude a word?

Type a tilde at the front of it, eg:

  • carl sassenrath -- searchs for "carl" AND "sassenrath"
  • carl ~sassenrath -- searchs for "carl" BUT NOT "sassenrath"

5.2. What about paths and things?

The indexing is designed to work with many words that are common within REBOL.

You can search for paths: e.g. system/words or system/schemes/http, but we do need a precise match on the path (system/schemes does not find system/schemes/http)

Similarly, ! and ? are treated as letters when they are at the end of a word:

  • A search for object! produces different results to object? or object
  • This has a perhaps unwanted side-effect:
    • if a word is the last word in a question, it will have a ? and so will be indexed as a separate word.
    • Try a Just subject search for windows? and then for windows to see the issue.
    • We'll fix that when we add a layer to do more complex searches

5.3. How do I narrow down searches some more?

Right now, there is no why to filter the results in other ways -- eg by:

  • AltME member names
  • Subset of AltME groups
  • Date range

6. Problems?

Tell us about them! Please use the feedback form.

Last updated: 16-Apr-2010