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[!AltME] Discussion about AltME

Anyone ever seen a "Too Many Recent Servers" error when attempting 
to start a world? And is the limit 5 or 3 worlds running on a single 
Altme has always struggled to show me the latest messages in some 
groups...That's the reason why some people have used "." a lot to 
force a group-specific resync.

I've just noticed some red groups that have updated themselves for 
post in March this year and December last year.

I guess that's good that they arrived without further prodding from 

But apologies if you're still awaiting some replies from me: I may 
never have seen yiur post.
I havne't seen it, but I recall the available server ports on one 
machine to be 5400 and believe it to only go to 5405, but could be 
Brock, yes that's what I thought.  I'm wondering if the problem is 
that I requested "Too many Servers" from the Altme world-creator 
itself. I'm talking about starting worlds that I have consistently 
used for years and one more (to make four) that is new.

You've given me another thought though, maybe my own machine is causing 
this to happen(?) At this point I can only run two of the three existing 
worlds and never the newest one. Hmmm.
Make sure all worlds are open when you create a new one, otherwise 
it won't use a new port number.  It always goes to port 5400 if it's 
not already serving another world.
Brock, do you know if the port is stored with the lookup server? 
That is, once created, will that world always serve on the alternate 
port, even if it's the only world running?
yes, the port is stored with the lookup server
It is also placed in your config files on local machine - however, 
no matter how you try, if you registered new world without old ones 
running, altme registers it to existing port and then you will face 
strange situation, when your client is choosing to new world, but 
is connected to another one ...
Pekr is correct from my experience.
Thanks guys! That's very helpful information.
Yeah, it is. That's probably why it doesn't work. And worse, now 
one of my old worlds can't be started. I guess I'll have to wait 
until the others die.
hi everybody ... i met some problems with altme : problems with a 
dataset file
anybody got the same annoyment ?
I've seen various annoyances. 
Can you describe yours in more detail?
I think I found the trick to serving multiple worlds, even if they 
weren't set up correctly at first. In the info file in %altme/servers/<your-world>/, 
change 5400 to, e.g., 5401. When you start the world again, it seems 
to use that port. I haven't tried it with a shortcut start yet.
I believe the file is config.txt in Windows.  There is a server-port 
sorry... host-addr.   Good find Gregg.
Let me start over... host-port is what Gregg is talking about.  There 
is also a host-addr setting that might be the source of my worlds 
becoming unavailable all of a sudden even though they are used on 
 a daily basis.  I'll have to check that out next time my world locks 
me out.
Thanks. I waited a couple of days an now it is fine (4 worlds running). 
Since I didn't do anything on my side I'm wondering if the Altme 
server has something to do with it. Who knows? I'm just glad it works 
now : )
Does copy and paste not work on AltME running under Linux?
It works in the input box, but as far as I can tell, nowhere else. 
 So we can't copy/paste code that somene else posted
Double-clicking on a link doesn't open a webapge in your browser 
either....and you can't even copy the URL to paste it in the browser.
I suspect that quite a few of the AltME Linux users run the Windows 
version using WINE
Hummm. I'll try it under wine to see how it works out.  Thanks.
yes, wine.
Command: wine altme.exe -w rebol3
[unknown: 5]
Some observations for Reichart on making ALTME more viral.

1.  Host all worlds for free but unsecured.
2.  Tier packages
3.  Enable one click access from external sites to ALTME worlds
4.  Ads Tier

1)  Regarding #1 - I think if you host all ALTME worlds for free 
that people will sign up quickly.  What would drive someone to fork 
over the cash is going to be traffic.  I can bet that once someone 
starts getting traffic to their world and generating content they 
are going to want to keep it.  ALTME owns the content of the worlds 
until someone secures it with payment for the hosting account.  (Major 
incentive that rewards growth).

2) Make product tiers that  target hosting accounts towards gaining 
income and visibility for their hosted safeworlds.

3) Think of going to a website and it says something like JOIN the 
DISCUSSION and then says click here and has a small ALTME logo that 
launches you into ALTME and then takes you directly to the particular 
safeworld.  and if someone doesn't it have it - it takes you to ALTME 
download link.  Almost all other messaging mediums have this capability.

4) This is an excellent idea to compliment number 2.  One tier that 
can be offers for additional costs would allow ADVERTISEMENTS within 
the safeworld framework.  For example, consider many online forums 
generate revunue from Google Adsense by placement of ads in their 
content.  ALTME could offer this type of capability as well.  This 
is really an area where I think that REBOL can get great exposure. 
 If advertisements are required to be put forward in REBOL code this 
means that Google would have to have REBOL programmers develop delivery 
content to interface with ALTME.  I have no doubt in my mind that 
they would do it.  ALTME can boast that it has www.rebol.com as a 
marketing partner and REBOL.com according to marketleap.com is a 
"contender" class website showing that ALTME can get the word out 
if it really wants to.
It _is_ possible to copy/paste in linux, but altme mangles the two 
different paste buffers, so ...

you have to copy by using ctrl+c, and to insert the text in any other 
app than altme, use middle mouse click.
Works for me on ubuntu 7.10
Does anyone know where the world is stored in MS Vista when you have 
UAC on ?  I've searched my hard drive and can't find it
I wish to open up the directory where files are shared but the windows 
explorer doesn't open.
I believe, because I installed Altme into the programs directory, 
that the data etc is in some virtual drive system to sandbox everything.
AltME should change the default install directory and not choose 
the Programs directory in Vista.
Or, get AltME signed .. that might help.
If i turn UAC off, it downloads all the world data again.
I don't want to see a sea of red
Re virtual dirs;  try  C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program 
You may need to tweak Search (and these options are buried deep enough 
that I can't remember) to include non-indexed data.

And I like this one; from wikipedia User_Access_Control

However, David Cross, a product unit manager at Microsoft, stated 
during the RSA Conference 2008 that UAC was in fact designed to "annoy 
users", and force independent software vendors to make their programs 
more secure so that UAC prompts would not be triggered.

Smart company;  annoy a billion people to get 1000 to play nice with 
Microsoft.  I say we get out the torches and chase down Dr. Frankenstein. 
That makes me Cross
If you are on Vista (or for that matter any Windows from 2000 up), 
install AltMe in %appdata%\AltMe. AltMe's directory usage is not 
Windows 2000 compliant.
I moved my AltME from program files to it's own directory so I can 
now browse the downloads.  Now I get a security requester each time 
I start up Altme ... I guess because it has not been signed.
That may be from the security alternate data stream. Get AOD from 
http://tp.lc.ehu.es/jma/win95.htmland see.
Not sure if this has been suggested before but a Search [By Group|By 
Person|All] would be very helpful in Altme especially when combining 
threads/posts from disparate groups/users - this would also bring 
us more in line with web based forums for usability :)
erm ignore that.. i finally discovered the magnifying glass..
never noticed that before :)
I think i am so used to looking for a textbox next to a search button 
that i totally overlooked it.  Perhaps that is something to consider 
- new users to altme who have come from a web background will be 
expecting a textbox where they can type something in and then press 
search.  Having it 'hidden' behind a button may cause confusion for 
some of us ;)
what's the logic in segregating some buttons top right and some top 
top right seem to all be group/message related so they form a logical 
grouping.  As for the top left buttons they seem generic functionality 
based - whether they are easier than a menu functionality i'm not 
sure - one has to hover over them to determine their immediate usage
so chat settings is in the wrong place!