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ANN: rebol.library

 [1/7] from: jean:holzammer:faedv-n:bayern at: 9-Jul-2001 8:48

Hi, I just finished a new version of rebol.library, a shared library for AmigaOS (and compatible) that allows executing of rebol code from within nearly any other programming language. At the moment there are include files for the following languages: * AmigaBASIC, MaxonBASIC (and compatibles) * ARexx * Assembler (68K) * C * E if you'd like to have a look at goto , then click on "Deutsch" and then on "Software" (no direct link available, sorry) For the curious: I didn't write my own rebol interpreter ! In the background the standard Rebol interpreter is executed, but you don't have to care about it. Jean

 [2/7] from: rotenca:telvia:it at: 20-Jul-2001 18:27

Why not all scripts are uploaded to rebol library at reboltech? There are some restrictions or it only author's preference? --- Saluti Romano Paolo Tenca

 [3/7] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 20-Jul-2001 10:00

These are the only "restrictions"... ---------------- To submit a script: 1) Test your script well. 2) Make sure your script has a REBOL header that contains a good title and purpose that will help people find your script. Look at other scripts as examples. 3) Click on the Add Script icon and fill out the form. 4) Select *ALL* categories that match your script. 5) Press submit. If the script cannot be accepted, you will be told about the problem. 6) Please make sure that any files needed by your script are posted to the library or to an accessible download site. ------------ Authors preference I suppose. --Ryan Romano Paolo Tenca wrote:
> Why not all scripts are uploaded to rebol library at reboltech? > There are some restrictions or it only author's preference?
<<quoted lines omitted: 5>>
> [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400

 [4/7] from: max:ordigraphe at: 20-Jul-2001 13:52

Hi, The problem is that you might have to hack code for it to work with another library of several functions (or even your own code base). Just a little bit messy and something you have to do everytime the library gets released. This is a problem which is often extremely hard to find in a language like rebol. in compiled language, the compiler would flag a message telling you that the word is already defined... I might well post the scripts themselves in rebol tech, Where they are posted, I don't really mind, they could also be scatered through the net with the framework site just linking to them. But then others might flush them at any time or the site goes down, he stops workling on the tool and deletes his account, we have no control over that, not even rebol. People can post their code at more than one place too. Its just that this library framework, is guaranteed to work together, to be documented and maybe even be supported, it is also less aimed at learning and more at using and working. Does any remember or knows about the AFCs? It looks a little bit like what I'd like to maintain. In time, the actual functions of different authors might become appended to a single file which contains several tools of the same vein. this is something I am trying to encourage, making the useage of these tools easier to handle for the whole community. what do you (and others) think? -Max

 [5/7] from: rotenca:telvia:it at: 20-Jul-2001 23:04

> Authors preference I suppose. --Ryan
If things are as you say, I don't understand why not all script are uploaded on Reboltech. Here we are speaking of creating a centralized library, when it already exists, is ufficial, is free (is Reb). The only things we could ask are: 1) mirrors 2) regular mailing of new upload 3) access with ftp (i think it doesn't exist) 4) download automation (with email? with Reb?) Another thing could be a control for dangerous script (which changes user.r, send information to remote sites, change system library, modify Rebol.exe). ciao Romano

 [6/7] from: al:bri:xtra at: 20-Oct-2001 10:56

Gregg and Joel wrote:
> [We need a library of re-usuable units of code, that can be browsed.]
I store my library of rebol code in a directory, like: %/Rebol/Values/ with View and Core in: %/Rebol/View/Rebol.exe %/Rebol/Core/Rebol.exe They're all 'do-ne by Rebol at startup by this line in my %User.r file: do %../Values/Values.r %Values.r contains: use [Patches][ Patches: %Patches.r if exists? Patches [do Patches] foreach File exclude sort read %. reduce [Patches Rebol/Script/Header/File][ if find/last File %.r [do File] ] ] Which 'do-es %Patches.r first, then every file in the %/Rebol/Values/ directory except for %Patches.r and %Values.r. Each file in %/Rebol/Values/ is named according to the main function or purpose within it. So my 'Average function is in %Average.r, 'Make-Object is in %"Make Object.r", my 'Roll and dice functions are in %Dice.r, and so on. I also have my site creation software, that automatically includes the Values directory as part of my site. Currently, there's no index, it's just sent to my web site -- so you'll find these functions in the directory at: but you'd have to know the names first. It shouldn't be too hard to modify this software to create a HTML version of each Rebol script, based on treating each Rebol script as if it were eText, and to make a index. Then the lot could be browsed on line with a browser, and clicking on the line found in the line of the header: File: %"Values.r" should allow retrieval of that script. Because my contact details are in each script and that's processed by my eText software to automatically generate email mail-to and links, I can be contacted by people who like additional features, or want to report bugs. Then after I've modified RIP to work as a function (instead of interactively as it does now), to have a .RIP of the entire contents of my %Values/ directory available as: And also, perhaps, a %Index.r file at which contains links to each file, so as to allow Rebol scripts to remotely interact with the scripts. For a group situation, we probably need a wiki-like thing, which understands Rebol script. This could allow people to interactively browse and successively refine the Rebol Values available there. I believe there was a provider recently that might volunteer this? Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169

 [7/7] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 20-Oct-2001 11:02

Excellent info! Thanks Andrew! --Gregg

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