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[REBOL] Library

From: al:bri:xtra at: 20-Oct-2001 10:56

Gregg and Joel wrote:
> [We need a library of re-usuable units of code, that can be browsed.]
I store my library of rebol code in a directory, like: %/Rebol/Values/ with View and Core in: %/Rebol/View/Rebol.exe %/Rebol/Core/Rebol.exe They're all 'do-ne by Rebol at startup by this line in my %User.r file: do %../Values/Values.r %Values.r contains: use [Patches][ Patches: %Patches.r if exists? Patches [do Patches] foreach File exclude sort read %. reduce [Patches Rebol/Script/Header/File][ if find/last File %.r [do File] ] ] Which 'do-es %Patches.r first, then every file in the %/Rebol/Values/ directory except for %Patches.r and %Values.r. Each file in %/Rebol/Values/ is named according to the main function or purpose within it. So my 'Average function is in %Average.r, 'Make-Object is in %"Make Object.r", my 'Roll and dice functions are in %Dice.r, and so on. I also have my site creation software, that automatically includes the Values directory as part of my site. Currently, there's no index, it's just sent to my web site -- so you'll find these functions in the directory at: but you'd have to know the names first. It shouldn't be too hard to modify this software to create a HTML version of each Rebol script, based on treating each Rebol script as if it were eText, and to make a index. Then the lot could be browsed on line with a browser, and clicking on the line found in the line of the header: File: %"Values.r" should allow retrieval of that script. Because my contact details are in each script and that's processed by my eText software to automatically generate email mail-to and links, I can be contacted by people who like additional features, or want to report bugs. Then after I've modified RIP to work as a function (instead of interactively as it does now), to have a .RIP of the entire contents of my %Values/ directory available as: And also, perhaps, a %Index.r file at which contains links to each file, so as to allow Rebol scripts to remotely interact with the scripts. For a group situation, we probably need a wiki-like thing, which understands Rebol script. This could allow people to interactively browse and successively refine the Rebol Values available there. I believe there was a provider recently that might volunteer this? Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169