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[REBOL] Re: RFC: REBOL Home Multimedia Platform (RHMP)

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 29-Dec-2001 18:17

Robert M. Muench wrote:
>>I will look for the source code on my notebook. I thought that we could >>create some rebol effects library, which could work thru most platforms >>that way ... >> > >Ok, just send it to me if you found it. I have a look at it. >
REBOL [] do %lib-rgb.r img: load %coins.jpg parse img [img-ptr:] ; a cool "hack" :-) screen: layout [ im: image img button "Change" [ scale-color img-ptr (length? img-prt) / 4 show im ] ] view screen ---------------- ; lib-rgb source ... rgb-lib: load/library %some-dll.dll scale-color: make routine! [ str [string!] len [integer!] ] rgb-lib "scalecolor" ----------------- ; .dll source ... #include <stdio.h> __declspec (dllexport) void scalecolor(unsigned char *imagedata, int numofpixels) { int i; for(i=0;i<numofpixels;i+=2) { unsigned char pixel=( (i & 1)!=0 ? 0xff : 0x00); imagedata[4*i]=pixel; imagedata[4*i+1]=pixel; imagedata[4*i+2]=pixel; imagedata[4*i+3]=0x00; } } ; it will simply change each second column in the image to black color .... (the example probably doesn't preserve alpha channel ....) it is fast - very fast. I can't imagine doing pick/poke upon each pixel of image on a larger image. General convolution mechanism is not accessible from Rebol level. The question is - if you would like to create e.g. some fire effect (having face with some 20/sec fps timer set) how vital would be such often library access ...
>>tcp protocol? You would have to create separate app - bridge, which >>would have to listen to Rebol app on one side, while talking to native >>environment on the other side ... >> > >Right, but with this you don't need the /library extension and the RHMP could be >used by anyone. >
so you are skilled enough to create small listening server in C code? Well, we could use Rebol itself - tcp ports are easy, and we could use View/Pro and Encap the resulting app ... you would be even easily able to set filters to certain tcp address access ...
>>>You can use IE as ActiveX control ;-)) you don't need all the stuff >>>around it, you can just use the rendering part. >>> >>and it surely ... will work on other platforms, the same way, right? ;-) >> > >Oh yes ;-))! Just plug-in something else... we only need a very small interface. > >>never! For me e.g., the only one open and multiplatform mailer is - >>... >> > >Well, than use Mozialla and plug this in. I really don't care, there just need >to be enough adaptors provided for all kind of proggys the people use. Robert >
Now I understand your intentions ..... it would be interesting to hear RTs plans for such area though ... -pekr-