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[REBOL] Re: RFC: REBOL Home Multimedia Platform (RHMP)

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 29-Dec-2001 14:13

Robert M. Muench wrote:
>>I think RT should just create native engines (ports), >>providing you a standardised/unified bridge to underlying system >>capabilities. >> > >That's something I have been thinking about too. Instead of developing a Rebol >useable library (DLL) we could create a protocoll that an interface application >can handle. It's more the idea of a web-service. >
yes, that could do it. We should probably use port/scheme type aproach, as with sound, encryption, etc. for domains specific tasks ... and use object/handler to store the handling code ... but I thought of .dll aproach too and it is imo doable too. You simply create some kind of API, callable the same way thru all rebol platform, and then you would create also platform specific layer ... I don't want to see e.g. some kind of direct call to some clumsy ActiveX media player interface, if I can't use it on other Rebol platforms in the same way ... Well, if, however, keeping all Rebol platforms in the game is not possible, then even some kind of .dll interface is still better than no interface at all. ... I think that time will come, when RT realises that both /shell and /library interfaces are minority revenue stream for them, and will release both components to free Rebol products, otherwise ppl will use capabilities sporadically ....
>>Anyway - it is easy (very easy) to speed the >>thingy up. I for one, created Rebol/View face native library effect. >>Well, not me, but my Linux friend. You just send your face referencing >>word to library, and you suddenly have access to image data buffer. We >>messed image data a bit, did refresh on face, and voila, it was there. >> > >That's a good starting point. Even if this uses undocumented features, I'm sure >RT will hear our needs and see what they can do. >
I will look for the source code on my notebook. I thought that we could create some rebol effects library, which could work thru most platforms that way ...
>>Another thing is asynchronicity - remember - once you do something in >>your library code - you are simply there, and imo rest of the Rebol just >>sleeps. >> > >Not mandatory: We can use a TCP protocoll and Rebol just sends a command like: > play video myvideo.mpg location 100x200 size 640x320 >
tcp protocol? You would have to create separate app - bridge, which would have to listen to Rebol app on one side, while talking to native environment on the other side ...
>>now back to your idea. What hardware are you talking about? If you think >>you will implement one yourself, so better forget it, if you don't have >>enough money. I am part of small team doing some hw stuff, and man - it >>costs money .... and time .... >> > >Just use the things you have. Of course it will grow over time but that's OK. >BTW: I did develop hardware myself, well we did develop and produce our own >processor with > 10 Mio. transistors ;-)) >
heh, that's cool :-) Rebol CPU anyone? :-)
>>But - if you think of Rebol/View as an GUI/presentation layer only, it >>could be done, although the lack of proper browser plug-in is critical >>imo, as Rebol itself is not capable/fast engough, for browser to be >>implemented in it. >> > >You can use IE as ActiveX control ;-)) you don't need all the stuff around it, >you can just use the rendering part. >
and it surely ... will work on other platforms, the same way, right? ;-)
>>Imagine e.g. mailer app. You an do it with rebol, but >>how do you display html based messages? >> > >Either with IE or use Outlook controls. >
never! For me e.g., the only one open and multiplatform mailer is - Mozilla .... what is more - it stores emails as sendmail on Linux does - in plain text form, so it is parseable by Rebol itself for e.g. ... now the only problem really is that html embedded part ...maybe Mozilla contains any kind of embeddable html (gecko) container too? No Outlook virus, please ;-) btw: QNX, Suse, RedHat and others seem to go similar route? Cheers, -pekr-