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[REBOL] Re: Reading empty directories via FTP error

From: carl:cybercraft at: 24-Dec-2003 22:46

On 12-Nov-03, Brett Handley wrote:
> Having got success with Ashley's problem, I've had another stab at > Carl's and I think I may have it - but I can't duplicate the > original problem so I'm running blind here. > First I think Scott was right about the port. > Second I think Anton was right about data-connect. > I think that data-connect creates a listen-port but the code to > create the sub-port is missing for the case where NLST is issued. > That's why the port none error will occur. If I'm right, then I > don't see how the NLST code ever worked :-/ > Carl and Ashley could you incorporate the code below and test it > please:
Well, it works okay with directories that are empty or contain files on the fixed Nebularis site, and is okay on the other site for directories that contain files, but I get nothing back if the directory is empty - have to press Escape to get the Console back. This is what trace outputs... Net-log: [ "SYST" "*"] Net-log: "215 UNIX Type: L8" Net-log: [ ["PORT" port/locals/active-check] "200"] Net-log: "200 PORT command successful." Net-log: [ ["CWD" either empty? port/path ["./"] [join "./" port/path]] 250 ] Net-log: {250 "/dir/test-dir" is new cwd.} Net-log: [ ["TYPE A"] ["200"]] Net-log: "200 Type okay." Net-log: [ ["LIST"] ["150" "125"]] Net-log: {150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.} Net-log: [ none "226"] Net-log: "226 Listing completed." Net-log: [ ["PORT" port/locals/active-check] "200"] Net-log: "200 PORT command successful." Nothing more comes after that, but I'm not given the console back either - as I said, I need to press Escape. I've still not had time to play with parse-dir-list myself. Will get there though. Carl.
> Regards, > Brett. > decompress #{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}
-- Carl Read