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[REBOL] Re: IOS and presentations with Audio

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 23-Oct-2002 8:02

> G. Scott Jones wrote: > >As always, I find your comments interesting and evocative. > >
From: "Petr Krenzelok"
> or provokative? :-) >
Now that you mention it, both. I used the word evocative mainly because the response is more emotional. Provocative means to me generating a response of any nature. Your interesting comments tend to evoke an emotional response, but I don't feel provoked to respond in writing very often, because misunderstandings can so easily occur, especially in the casual writing style typical of e-mail mailing lists. And, this very issue reminds me that I should have written more carefully because of the international flavor of the list. :-) I am being complimentary and sincere when I say that your comments and criticisms are interesting and both provocative and evocative. What seems to be lacking sometimes is the demonstration of compassion for the position that RT is in. This may be due to language issues or just a personal style. Personally, *I know* that you care very deeply about the fate/future of RT and REBOL, so I tend to set aside some of the more negative emotions that your comments sometimes evoke. I truly know that you mean well, so it is easy to do. If a newcomer were to say some of the same things, I would tend to see it as more of an outright attack. But, as far as I can tell, you have been around from the beginning of the REBOLution, and you genuinely seem to care. SJ> > that spurred me to comment. (After all, you SJ> > complained on Link that people don't respond SJ> > enough to your comment, making you look like SJ> > you are alone. So here I am! :-)
> >
PK> Yes, but I complained from the different POV. PK> Ppl here feel, that situation with rebol is strange, PK> that RT is mostly not communicating with ml, PK> there are no new official releases for far too long, PK> no proper answers from feedback, no development PK> roadmap, etc. etc. So I sometimes expressed my PK> opinion, but only very few of you supported me. So PK> in RT's eyes it could be translated as "Ah, Petr PK> complaining once again, nothing new", while OTOH PK> the problem was felt similarly by many of us here ... I can see your point, and I can understand why you feel this way. It is a bit hazardous to make assumptions about *why* people do or do not chime in. Again, it may be more of a matter of personal style and/or reservations about using this medium we call e-mail. People on this list seem unusually courteous and respectful. To me, this is a "Good Thing." The flip side is that people may seem complacent. Perhaps so. Or perhaps they are exerting influence through a different style, one that is more subtle almost to the point of not being obvious. The samurai is almost always visible and obvious, but the Budhist monk can be very subtle and may fade into the background. I have done the samurai act a few times in my career, and I have lived to regret it. It hasn't worked for me. I think some people have the charisma to use this method very effectively. PK> PS: you should apply for RT's position of Marketing PK> director ... you write and explain things so nicely, without PK> the hype :-) Thank you, Petr, that is a very nice thing to say. Best wishes, --Scott Jones