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[REBOL] Essay on Associative Data Stores Re:(2)

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 19-Sep-2000 7:44

Hi, Ole! [ole_f--post3--tele--dk] wrote:
> I've attached some functions for manipulating with an associative > data structure. I personally think they suffice for my normal uses, > but I'm looking forward to your comments (though, please keep it > short then, I don't have the time to read through all that > ASCII ;-) ). >
(Not only do you not have time to read it, I really don't have time to be typing it! ;-) I'll wait to respond with specifics until I've had a chance to look them over adequately. I'm curious about the motivations (and the performance) of your compromise solution -- part object, part function library. Would I be correct in guessing that you chose to make associate-ads and lookup-ads standalone functions instead of object methods to avoid the duplication which REBOL (currently -- hint, hint, hint) imposes on objects?
> BTW, using a hash! for the "keys" array would probably be a better > idea than just using a block!, as I currently do. _If_ find/only > works faster on hash! lists, that is (it should be, but I don't > know). >
Disclaimer: I've not done the empirical testing of this hypothesis for the REBOL implementation of hash! , so PLEASE take this as speculation. My general experience is that hashing vs. array/list lookup is subject to tradeoffs. There is overhead (both space and time) with hashing, which makes it perform more poorly than simpler but straightforward lookup schemes for small cases. As the size of the data collection grows, however, that overhead amortizes nicely. Ultimately, for "large enough" collections of data, the hash table beats array/list algorithms -- the best way to determine how large is large enough, of course, is to run some benchmarks, which I'd like to do some time when my higher priorities have been handled (and there are LOTS of them! ;-) -jn-