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[REBOL] DLL Hell = Rebol library script version

From: andrew::martin::colenso::school::nz at: 24-Dec-2003 22:45

Thanks, Anton! You wrote:
> > (A) f2 just tries to use whatever version of f1 is currently
installed. I'd go for this option as it's the most simple option, in breaking as soon as possible. The other options involve the higher level function knowing too much about the lower level function. The scenarios remind me of Windows "DLL Hell" and the solution that MS came up for it for .NET. That solution was basically to not use DLLs. :) Instead, supply all the software (including DLLs) for an application with the application's main .exe. Those DLLs supplied with the application are the ones used by the application. Only if DLLs have the same version are they shared, IIRC. We can use a similar principle. When distributing a Rebol script, include all the functions (words) that the main script requires. Of course, the problem here is that most of us have nice toolkits of functions that we want to use in our main script applications, and it's pointless manually copying and pasting from our toolkit because that just produces multiple copies, with no definitive, authoritive source. So the solution to me, is for the release version of the script/application to have the library/toolkit functions the script requires, automatically inserted into the script just after the Rebol header. That way, the script application will create it's preferred environment, regardless of previously launched library programs. Of course, there can be a problem with what to do, when current and past Rebol interpreters have faults and need patching. Perhaps we should prod Rebol HQ into action? :) It would be nice to have defects fixed, and old versions of Rebol interpreters removed. What do you think about it? Is there something I've missed? Andrew J Martin Attendance Officer Speaking in tongues and performing miracles. Colenso High School Arnold Street, Napier. Tel: 64-6-8310180 ext 826 Fax: 64-6-8336759 DISCLAIMER: Colenso High School and its Board of Trustees is not responsible (or legally liable) for materials distributed to or acquired from user e-mail accounts. You can report any misuse of an e-mail account to our ICT Manager and the complaint will be investigated. (Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any material sent/received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language and/or other issues described in our Acceptable Use Policy.) All outgoing messages are certified virus-free by McAfee GroupShield Exchange Phone: +64 6 843 5095 or Fax: +64 6 833 6759 or E-mail: [postmaster--colenso--school--nz]