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[REBOL] Over 40 Platforms make for good press, but.... Re:(4)

From: jackseay:earthlink at: 24-Sep-2000 4:06

[carl--cybercraft--co--nz] said at [REBOL] Re: Over 40 Platforms make for good press, but.... Re:(2). [Sep/24/2000Sun 00:56] ... ... -> Gotta go with the status quo. ... ... -That's an attitude that might make sense if you believe the future -will just be like the present, and I'd probably agree with you if the -roads were still full of black Model Ts, but they're not and so I won't. I also don't believe Winxx, Macxx, and *nix are the OS's that will be used by most people 10 years from now. They won't be able to compete with the new generation of OS's, of which BeOS, QNX and Amiga/Elate are examples. Even these will probably be surpassed in a few years. We probably won't even call them OS's anymore, but distributed agent/ objects or something. They will have multi-dimensional unbreakable links, automatic version archiving and comparison, no configuration problems, be multi and distributed processing, and will adapt to the user instead of forcing the opposite. They will provide for automatic or easy payments of royalties, allow simple comment adding to any document, and won't require years of study to be able to produce an interactive document-program. And your whole work setup and all files will be securely and instantly at your service from any computer on the net. Every computer will be both server and client without requiring a computer science degree to configure and protect. You can't do all this using the status quo, but it can all be done, and is in development right now. -I don't see a future with just a few OSs having 90% of the market, but -dozens of them and in every device imaginable. And of course, -they'll all be chattering to each other over the Net. This is why -cross-platform matters. The future is probably no OS with more than -20% of the market - when you include phones in the market... This will make cross-platform languages and data the norm. -Like you I also drooled over an Atari 800, but bought a ZX81 instead. -Had two Commodore 64s since then, three Amigas... And you know what? - I'm sick of leaving my programs behind with each change of platform, -or having them become useless because of an OS upgrade. I'm also -sick of having to learn new programming languages with every switch -of platform. REBOL's probably a nice language, (give me time:), but -if it wasn't cross-platform I wouldn't be here. My computer history is almost identical to yours: ZX81, C64, 4 Amigas, and 2 Mac laptops. In the future, I also want to have data and programs that will follow me to my next system, or I should say follow me around. ------------------ Jack Seay [jackseay--usa--net]