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[REBOL] Over 40 Platforms make for good press, but.... Re:

From: jsc:dataheaven at: 23-Sep-2000 22:31

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> Below are some old OS market share stats (no doubt > Unix flavours have grown). It's clear the Microsoft > has the monopoly on OS's. An interesting point.. > apparently DOS has a greater market share than Linux > and Unix combined (although this may have changed as > well) and yet there is no Rebol/DOS platform?
Oh yes lets bring REBOL to good 'ol Q-DOS - best OS ever made. (Men I never heard such a trash)
> Market share of OS's as of July 1999 > > Windows Flavours 90.5 % > Mac 5 % > Unix Flavours 2.9 % > > Total percentage of these OS flavours - 98.4 % > Total percentage of all other platforms - 1.6 %
Sponsored by whom?
> 3 Platforms... Win 95, Win 98 and NT account for 85.6 > % of the market.
Thats 3 Platforms??? Where's the difference between win95 and win98?
> Source CNET(July 1999): > > > Any current OS stats kicking around?
Sure look at they certainly have what you search.
> Also to note a recent quote regarding Windows ME sales > from CNET... > "September 20, 2000, 4:00 p.m. PT > REDMOND, Wash.--Microsoft sold 250,000 copies of its > new Windows operating system for consumers in U.S. > stores during the first four days since it was > released Thursday, according to a report issued by > research firm PC Data. > > That put it on track to sell more then 400,000 units > in its first month and more than 1 million units at > retail stores before the end of the year."
This the good old standard Ad of Microsoft that is published to push sales.
> Source > > > > Rather than getting into the whole "Microsoft Sucks" > debate which, from a marketing point of view, is > irrelevant, suffice to say that I only see 3 > platforms, and at the most, 5 or 6.
I don't know what you thought you will hear saying such nonsense? If the only 3 Platforms that count for you are Win95,98,NT Why not learning Visual Basic to be really portable between this whole range of OSs.
> The phrase "and it operates on over 40 platforms!!!" > is often heard coming out of my mouth... at least when > clients are around. :)
Bullshit! You seem to come from marketing. I for my part work in environments with more OSs - Linux x86, Alpha - Tru64, Alpha - HP-UX - MacOS - PalmOS - EPOC32 - Win9x,NT In reality you cannot force your clients to use your "3 Platforms" There are much more OSs around and so much more possibilities in future. The MS-Windows x86 liga was the only factor that hindered the rise of more modern network-oriented crossplatform appliances. The "one fits all" Philosophy of Microsoft is fault that we have lost years and years of internet-evolution. We _need_ different machines and we _need_ different OSs. I dont' want to transport my furniture in a Porsche 911 and I do not want to travel by car if I had to do it in a truck! The army don't use Boeing 777 as Fighters and travellers don't fly in F16s in holidays. My words could be a little bit harsh - the please sorry - but something must happen with those dumb marketing guys that they realize the reality!!! If you work in an MS environment - its your thing But don't force me and the many others that follow another way to concentrate on using inferior technology. Regards Jochen Schmidt