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world-name: r4wp

Group: #Red ... Red language group [web-public]
If your original program keeps erroring out, please enter it in the 
bug tracker
Better enter both in the bug tracker, then
I wouldn't program a system where users would have to enter ##1 for 
a bug number or such
Kaj, now that I've had a chance to do some work with Red/System, 
it's amazing to me how much work you've already done on adding features!

Here's something that I think would really help out a lot of us who 
want to make use of all your hard work.  Would it be hard to create 
http://red.esperconsultancy.nl/index.htmlwith a link to all the 
Red stuff you've done?  The only way I found what I needed to download 
was by searching through AltME for links, and had to manually enter 
in things like Red-common, Red-C-library, Red-cURL, Red-GTK, etc.
@DocKimbel: Thanks, I have a look at it. I'm not bit stalled with 
implementation of INPUT function, I'm not sure how to delay evaluation 
until ENTER is pressed.
Well, looking into binary .class, I expected it being some kind of 
executable or package, just pressing Enter does nothing :-) So it 
is not mapped to JRE on my machine .... I selected it manually, and 
it says:

Could not find or load main class, or something like that ...
I might miss some basic OS understanding. Guys, how do you work with 
all the path? I have JAVA installed, REBOL installed, yet what I 
am strugling with, is path. When I follow docs, it always seems to 
be easy. Docs state:

do/args %rsc.r "-dlib %bridges/java/JNIdemo.reds -o %bridges/java/JNIdemo"

well, for normal user, in order to try that, user needs to understand, 
he has to start Rebol for that. So there are basically two options:

- running REBOL from icon. Then you have to change-dir to where Red 
is - in my case, something like C:\!Rebol\Red

- I thought, I might use just "pressing ENTER" upon Red.r, which 
launches console for me. But above still will not work, unless I 
change-dir into red-system subdir. It should be imo either stated 
in the docs, or some shortcuts provided, e.g. red-system.r, allowing 
me to launch console directly in that subdir, and then above command 
would run just OK.

I am not stating anything is wronk, it is upon user to improve the 
workflow, but surely it is an obstacle for occassional user.

Now back to docs:

2. Compile and run the JNIdemo.java app from console:

        $ javac JNIdemo.java
        $ java JNIdemo

Well, when in console, my console does not recognise javac, nor java 
executables. Apparently a path problem, but I have JAVA installed 
via installer. So I have to go inside JAVA dir, which means:

cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\bin\
javac c:\!rebol\!Red\\red-system\bridges\java\

Any tips? :-)
I don't understand the part of your post that starts with "I thought, 
I might use just "pressing ENTER" upon Red.r"
well, you have Rebol installed and linked to .r ..... I am so much 
used to work with Total Commander, that I launch Rebol from icon 
sporadically. The trouble for me, is the path. So from time to time, 
I place kind of empty run.r script in some dir, which serves for 
nothing more, than just pressing enter upon it, and being run in 
particular directory, which means, in certain directory path
and I can find red.r in the main directory. Whne I hit enter, it 
just launches the console. But maybe I am missusing it :-)
Also I would change version.r to either version.txt, or its content 


print 0.3.2

... so that by hitting enter or double clicks, it shows the version, 
not error ... well, just imo ... those are all absolutly minor concerns 
though, but would probably help to smooth the experience ....
OK. I'll enter it there.
Are there prefix equivalents for the infix operators (+ - etc.) ? 
When I enter + 3 6 in the console, it yields 6.  Why?
I am trying to learn Red/System but I have a strange result. When 
I enter this code all works fine, the input line is printed correctly:

#import [
	LIBC-File cdecl [
		get-line: "gets" [
			line	[c-string!]
			return:	[c-string!]

foo: ""
get-line foo            ; when run I enter: this is a test
print newline
print foo                  ; Correctly outputs: this is a test

but if I do this;

foo: ""
boo: ""
get-line foo          ; when run I enter: this is a test
boo: foo
print newline
print boo

then I get             ; "thisX @"

or if I enter: hello
it prints out: hellX @

It seems that something in the process of binding foo to boo is messing 
up, but I have no clue what it might be.
Any ideas?
I'm trying this small Rebol 3 sample code under Red console and I 
get 3 load errors plus a real error at the end  - invalid char!. 
char ending delimiter " not found! unmatched ] closing bracket! word 
has no value.  Is it OK ?  Here is what I tried to enter : red>> 
 #"^(3B1)"     ; char as a hex encoded literal
Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
In the line field, you can enter either a local file name or a URL, 
so the editor can be used both on local files and files on remote 
An interesting thing to try is to enter "stats" and then press the 
Compare button. It will report memory usage for each language.
Group: Ann-Reply ... Reply to Announce group [web-public]
BTW To make own new model just click "New" button or ctrl+n, enter 
model name, focus the "root" node in editor and use "h" "v" or "l" 
keys to create horizontal/vertical clusters or leafs. For more shortcuts 
open the help window by clicking the "Help" button.
Could you please enter it in the Red issue tracker?
Enter JQuery.
Group: Rebol School ... REBOL School [web-public]
Another interesting problem I have: I have a script as follow:
probe system/options/args

I encap this script, no problem, it works as expected, console opens 
and "none" appears:
** Press enter to quit...

If I run it with some params like "test.exe --test"
** Press enter to quit... 

But if I run it with some parameters, like -c, --sec, it prints nothing? 
(-c and --sec seems to be special for rebol.exe but it works with 
-s which is special too)
** Press enter to quit...

Why and how PROBE doesn't produce an output?
BrianH: Yes I realized that at least one word is required.

sqlab: I encap a script and run the executable, so I should able 
to use any command line parameter. And I don't encap with cgi option. 
Also -w parameter has no such a problem (which is "no-window option 
for REBOL)

Anything that include "c" char prevents to print/probe to the console.

On the other hand it doesn't prevent opening console window. I see 
"** Press enter to quit" message when program HALTed but PRINTs don't 
output anything.
here, the field's action compares the field when pressing tab/enter, 
and will close the window when its not empty.

until [view layout [fld: field [unless empty? face/text [unview]]] 
not empty? fld/text]
guys ,i explained my mini project in database and game room ...they 
suggest me this room ! plz help me . my project is about one crossword 
which should show on web page !  i created html form and cgi file 
... when user enter value and press submitt it should save in database 
! my problem is i can not save value from form into database(MYSQL)... 
i am using mysql driver...i can make connectivity and retrieve data 
but i ca not save values ! plz guide me ,i do not have experience 
in REBOL... :(
My goal is to simply stay in a loop, accepting all valid rebol commands 
until I quit the loop

For example, I've defined some variables to script names, and so 
when I enter the variable, it should DO those names, until quit
Its a way to "pause" a running script to enter rebol commands and 
then when I'm done, get out of the loop and continue with the rest 
of the script
So here is my code that is giving me some trouble:

file-list:	[]

read-dir:	func	[
	dir	[file!	]
	] [
	foreach file read dir [
		file: either dir = %./ [file] [dir/:file]
		append file-list file
		if dir? file [
			read-dir file
	]	]	]

inp-dir: request-dir/path	what-dir 

unless inp-dir [ask	">>> No directory selected, cannot proceed  (Enter)" 
 quit ]
cd :inp-dir

read-dir inp-dir		; <-- does not work as expected, must use cd and 
what-dir instead
;read-dir what-dir
new-line/all file-list on
print mold file-list
Group: Databases ... group to discuss various database issues and drivers [web-public]
Simply put - millisecond lock time is enough fine grained for my 
purposes, but - let's assume you have several ppl working on some 
customer list, where each customer has some orders. Those ppl do 
select particular customer, and work with orders. What I want is 
- when some user selects particular customer, I need its record being 
locked. The trouble is, that when I use BEGIN transaction for sqlite, 
it locks all the file, and does not allow other process to do write 
to the DB.

I wonder, if I can somehow obey it, not really having per record 
locking. I would have to implement my own lock mechanism (not locking 
in fact), not allowing others select/enter customer record, when 
some other person is working on it?
but in those links ,i can not find database example! i read that 
link before ,i created html form and cgi as well, it is working properly 
... the point is when user enter input and click submit it goes to 
cgi page. i need save that input in database ...plz guid me or show 
me one example how can i save value from the form into db?
guys when i enter correct value in form the above join query works 
properly... i need help for writing queries which other condition,it 
means if user enter wrong value ,it joins with first table but dose 
comparing indicidually  and shows error message.
Group: !REBOL3 ... General discussion about REBOL 3 [web-public]
I want that people will continue to use what they prefer, but Rebol 
misses all the common tools of open projects:
- public forum
- public wiki

The way to eneter in connection with others is too complicated by 
now. GitHub is making all a little easy, so why closing GitHub wiki? 
Leave it open, people will decide if usinig GitHub Wiki or the old 
complicated way to enter in the rebol community.
I am fully for new, more standard way. I e.g. did not like .RIP format. 
E.g. Winamp uses normal zip format for their skin modules, etc. I 
would like to just hit enter or double click, getting into the archive/package.
what was again the shortcut for switching the enter mode ?

world-name: r3wp

Group: !AltME ... Discussion about AltME [web-public]
I've helped a couple of organizations evaluate messaging/groupware 
in the last couple of months.

In neither case did Altme make it to the shortlist.

Why? Same reason in both cases: zero tolerance for applications that 
lose data.

(If you are on dial-up or in any way have a slightly flakey connection, 
then this can happen: you type a message; you press enter; Altme 
notices the connection has gone bad; Altme automatically reconnects; 
Altme throws your message away: no warning, just thrown away).
Hm...  Top Ten...  Some of these undoubtedly will be held for the 
new architecture, but here's my top requests...

1) Group level settings for message notification (activate window, 
play sound)
2) Group name/description search

3) Opt out of public groups so that the group remains public but 
you don't see it.

4) Alphabetical listing of users in group properties (Who's in the 
group, who's not)

5) Navigaion (Forward, Backword) buttons would be really helpful 
particularly when browsing checklists OR clicking on the checklist 
button replaces the group lists with checklists.

6)  When you right click a message then a popup shows telling you 
the text has been copied. This is nice but annoying because you can't 
hit Enter and watch it disappear. I'd personally really prefer a 
context menu but if it just dissappeared after 3 seconds or so that 
would be good too.
Thanks for asking :-)

[1] Fix the resync bug so I don't to use the dot & guest tricks

[2] Don't throw away what I've typed when I press enter just because 
you need to reconnect
[3] Much, much faster search

[4] multi-world search -- should search all the worlds I specify, 
not just the current one
[5] Ability to opt out (and back in) to a Public world

[6] Don't delete messages from  my copy of a world just because the 
master has been restored from a backup

[7] Ability to restrict Guests in various ways (eg can only post 
to certain groups / can only see other groups)
What Sunanda said: [2] Don't throw away what I've typed when I press 
enter just because you need to reconnect.

Bookmarks. Let me tag messages/locations that are important and I 
want to be able to find again, no matter how old.
First time I have this error :
** Script Error: Invalid compressed data - problem: -3
** Near: script: decapsulate
if none? script
** Press enter to quit...
[unknown: 10]:
Yes its like volker says..Just a Display input, I often happens that 
by accident you type someting and hit enter.. ALTME can be used for 
Read-only in that case too.. Just to prefent yourself or someone 
else behind your PC for dropping data into input fields...
I'm sure this is a stupid question, but how do you enter a return 
(newline) into an AltMe entry directly, without precomposing your 
entry in a text editor or some such?
[unknown: 10]:
Yes... And I think that has something to do with a connection interruption 
on my side... clapping Ethernet ;-) the sync was finished but did 
not show it all.. I had to enter "something" in a group and then 
I synced and showed me the messages...
[unknown: 10]:
Altme 1.1.28 WinXP -> pressed a group after startup and got this 
-> Invalid data type during recycle
** Press enter to quit...
This code doesn't look like mine .. but I'm not sure which rebol 
app crashed

** Script Error: resolve-equivalences expected candidate argument 
of type: string
** Where: processCommands
** Near: distrib: resolve-equivalences pick parse input
** Press enter to quit...
Had to re-enter the user's message group to cure it
I've been getting lots of these errors lately for some reason ( Never 
had this problem before):

Invalid data type during recycle
** Press enter to quit...

*** AltME ERROR ***

Sorry, AltME found an error while it was starting up.
This should never happen, but it looks like it just did.
Go to http://www.altme.com/feedback.htmland cut/paste
the text below. We'll fix the problem right away! Thanks.

ERROR:  Error starting module: a00
    code: 303
    type: 'script
    id: 'expect-arg
    arg1: 'bind
    arg2: 'known-word
    arg3: [word!]
    near: [ctx-text: context bind ctx-text system/view]
    where: 'do-module
Press enter key
for the problem: See Chat group. :-) for the solution, maybe one 
could click on a quote button next to the timestamp on the item you 
wish to respond to. A single line could automatically be pasted with: 

Reichart said: "Give an example please."
enter text here
with "enter text here" not actually being there, but just the location 
of the cursor.
Group: RAMBO ... The REBOL bug and enhancement database [web-public]
>> layout [b: field hide]
>> set-face b "123"
>> get-face b
== "123"
>> view layout [b: field hide]
(enter "123" in the field, tab away and close window)
>> get-face b
== "***"

Is this intentional?
1. click in the field and press Enter
2. press "change" button
3. click in the field and press Enter again.
In both cases, VALUE = "hello".

The reason is because ctx-text/edit-text calls the action block, 
but passes face/DATA  (not face/TEXT).

TEXT and DATA are related only at INIT and are not maintained by 
the access functions.
(Not me.)
Paul, go to a fresh console and type
>> hello
and press Enter.
Now you can see it was added to system/words:
>> last first system/words
== hello
So it is now unavailable to be used as an alias.
>> alias 'print "hello"
** Script Error: Alias word is already in use: hello
** Near: alias 'print "hello"
Group: Core ... Discuss core issues [web-public]
what I have in mind is very simple kind of select, not needing to 
enter whole search key ...
Group: Script Library ... REBOL.org: Script library and Mailing list archive [web-public]
when i enter on rebol.org it's like i enter in a cementary or a museum 
!! it's not a place that's engaging people to get there often !
Group: I'm new ... Ask any question, and a helpful person will try to answer. [web-public]
hide the second field by pressing the button, then go to the first 
and press enter, and the second field is showed again with focus.

I hope there is a simple way to void hidden objects get focus.

someone can help me?
Group: Make-doc ... moving forward [web-public]
update: I just extended make-doc-pro to support forms. Looks like 

Test of Form Dialect in make-doc-pro


=options debug

This file test the form generation dialect.

\form test.cgi
	cgi-bin http://localhost/cgi-bin/

	; same-width with fields & buttons
	same-width left [
		field "Name1"
		field "Name12" 10
		field "Name123" 10 20
		field "Name"
		radio "R1" [Robby Linna Bunny Blacky]

		btn-enter "Abschicken"
		btn-cancel "Abbrechen"

Group: Syllable ... The free desktop and server operating system family [web-public]
that goes the same for .rip - fine format - bug ugly .... I want 
to enter all common archives as a directory of some kind ... so I 
want rebol to handle .zip and get rid of .rip
Though, maybe you could change the part where a return key continues 
the installation after reading grub doc. I was pressing enter to 
scroll down through the doc. I didn't notice I had reached the end 
of the doc when the prompt to continue the installation appeared. 
I just pressed enter again.
You have to boot the CD again and enter the GrUB shell. Please read 
the install.txt
Group: Linux ... [web-public] group for linux REBOL users
http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages, at the bottom you can enter 
a filename and usually get its package. most libs have compat-somethings. 
i guess the packages on ubuntu are similar, and that they have a 
similar page. (my link shows in german here, i guess thats some smartness. 
you should see something in your language).
ah, I got syntax error in my sql statement, sorry. Now CGI runs in 
linux console by pressing enter in midnight commander, but not from 
the browser :-)
well, I run it from Midnight Commander, maybe it is why I can run 
it .... I just press enter on script. In fact, that is how I verify, 
if the script works at all in CGI mode ...
setting permission to executable for a directory allows you to enter 
why can I enter each other dir, but not db dir?
so to enter directory, I need to set x bit for it?
thanks ... the problem probably was, that for a directory, there 
needs to be "execute" bit set, or you can't enter it ...
imho;  Ubuntu is the current up and comer.  Ubuntu ships with a defaut 
set of packages more tuned for running Gnome as the desktop.  Kubuntu 
ships with a default KDE setup.  The Ubuntu family is spin off of 
Debian ... Debian is my personal favourite.  The RHEL branches don't 
seem to do it for me quite as much.  Ubuntu is well supported with 
a growing community and a fairly well off benefactor.   Canonical 
is funded.  I'm pretty sure they still support the WeShipIt program 
where you can order CD's for free - shipping paid by Canonical.  
Pretty sweet.  But imho Debian is a little more solid; years between 
releases.  Canonical likes to stick to a 6 month updgrade schedule. 
 So you get new shiny every 6 months, but ... running a business 
on it, I prefer the soak time Debian affords.

GNU/Linux commands are fairly standard across the board.  It's the 
config, and helper apps that diverge the most.  (That alone causes 
a mess in GNU/Linux land but POSIX is POSIX).  Things don't really 
diverge low-level till you enter the other free unix clones like 
FreeBSD.  One thing to watch on the horizon is OpenSolaris.  If it 
rolls out as it should, it could well be the player to take in Linus. 
 And Ian Murdoch (the man beside Debra in Debian) works at Sun now, 
so ...

In short, Ubuntu good.   :)   But, I prefer it's parent, Debian. 
 If you check the IRC channels on Freenode, #debian is ruthless, 
brooks no guff, with awesome technical support.  #ubuntu seems a 
little more people friendly and perhaps more likely to effectively 
help new users.  Umm, don't go asking Ubuntu questions on #debian. 
 They seem to have a little bit of jealousy toward the younger upstart 
with all the flash cash.  :)

distrowatch.com will tell you pretty much anything you want to know.
Group: Dialects ... Questions about how to create dialects [web-public]
How do you launch rebol otherwise ?

I've set up my start menu so it's a few key presses away. The sequence 
is: Ctrl-Esc (to open the menu), down right down enter. (Actually 
now I think about it, I can reduce this a little bit.)
Group: Web ... Everything web development related [web-public]
I like Mozilla's Find-as-type facility ... you simply start writing 
word and cursor moves around the screen - F3 - next occurance, enter 
- choose, backspace - back to previous page etc
Group: SDK ... [web-public]
Anyone seen this error before which has been reported to me

* Script Error: External process failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 
** Near: launch "webserver"
view center-face loginlo
** Press enter to quit...

where "webserver" is just the argument for the 'launch command.
is blitting using just new/faster routines, or has in anything in 
common internally with how fast you can enter event loop (time wise), 
to call 'show?
Another question: what is required to use view-request.r with enface? 
I keep getting an error message:

** Script Error: sky has no value
** Where: context
** Near: color: sky size: 2x2
** Press enter to quit...

I just want a calander to pop up to request a date.  Is another source 
module required besides view-request.r?
This work with View:

x: info? ftp://user:[pass-:-ftp-:-bible-way-:-org]/www/turk/backup/enter-data.exe

But when encapped with encmdface 2.6.2 it generates an error.  Anybody 
know why?
URL Parse: user pass ftp.bible-way.org none www/turk/backup/ enter-data.exe
Net-log: ["Opening" "tcp" "for" "FTP"]
** Access Error: Cannot connect to ftp.bible-way.org
** Where: open-proto

** Near: info? ftp://user:[pass-:-ftp-:-bible-way-:-org]/www/turk/backup/enter-data.exe
** Press enter to quit...
Group: Cookbook ... For http://www.rebol.net/cookbook/requests.html [web-public]
Tom started this group with a reference to

It's a set of outstanding requests for cookbook entries -- ie examples 
that people would like to see.

As he says.some have been done independently of the request, and 
published on the REBOLn Altmes or the Mailing List.

It'd be a great collective community New Year's resolution to clear 
some of the cookbook request by the end of the month (and that leaves 
plenty of time to enter the competition too)
Group: Rebol School ... Rebol School [web-public]
RebGUI, something new to me. In fact, we probabably just need an 
interface to enter data and start some process and show the results. 
Maybe draw a graph with the results - that would be great. Will look 
into it. Tks.
P.S.  In AltMe, what do you guys type to get a carriage return without 
sending the AltMe message until you do an <enter>
basicly if I enter Binary mode, upload fails and it looks like it 
has to do something with port above 35000 problem.
If I enter passive mode nothing works....
it always responds with network timeout....
Group: Rebol/Flash dialect ... content related to Rebol/Flash dialect [web-public]
sorry for my terrible english (I should read the text before I press 
enter:)  I meant convert bitmap (pixels) to vectors
Group: RT Q&A ... [RT Q&A] Questions and Answers to REBOL Technologies [web-public]
(argh, switched "send on enter" on)
ah, rambo got spammed once again ... I think that we will have to 
introduce View generated visual numbers, which you will have to enter 
into some field ... that seems to be the only protection ....
Group: Windows/COM Support ... [web-public]
Actually I based it on your skype.r app. All it does is set the audioin 
and audioout settings. I have a Plantronics bluetooth handset and 
earpiece but it doesn't support Skype voicemail messages so every 
time I received one I had to go to the tools and switch out the audio 
to my computer speakers and back again. It also seems to cause some 
slight interference when I had to enter touchtones so I wrote this 
little gui that simply lets me change those. Nothing special but 
it is a real time saver and with the touchtones a call saver since 
you have to enter tones pretty qucikly sometimes.
Group: Tech News ... Interesting technology [web-public]
IE 7 is one of the buggiest pieces of garbage I've ever come across.. 
here's one problem I had.. (a quoted solution.)

This is just so 
Microsoft" it should almost be expected.

I had recently installed IE7 in an unsupported way using the instructions 
found here.  The nice thing about this, is that it lets you run IE7 
side by side with IE6.  As a developer, there's no way to just let 
IE7 install itself over IE6, so I thought this would be a good solution.

Fired up IE7 for the first time and it took about 2 minutes for me 
to realize there is just no possible reason why anybody would find 
this useful at all.  Not for end users... not for developers... it 
just doesn't work right.  The new toolbars are not that special either, 

So, that was it.  At least for Beta 2.  Fast-forward one week and 
I'm doing some serious testing of one of my new apps.  Of course, 
I'm testing on the fly in Firefox but testing in both browsers after 
finishing all pieces of major functionality.  Enter my URL into IE, 
press enter... and bang... up comes Firefox with the page I loaded!?!?! 
 Uh... what?

Google to the rescue.  A search for "IE Launches Firefox" returned 
only 2 results... but luckily, one of them had the solution.  It 
seems that a registry key installed when IE7 is run causes this situation. 
 Just brilliant.  From the IE Blog... locate this registry key and 
remove it: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{c90250f3-4d7d-4991-9b69-a5c5bc1c2ae6}

As stated... it fixed my problem.  Thanks Microsoft...
Group: !RebDB ... REBOL Pseudo-Relational Database [web-public]
then, when you enter new order into 'orders, you simply assign it 
to company, by using and storing foreign key, so 'company-id ...
help db-update is a good start. ;) For a full list of db functions 
just enter "help db-" at the console.
Group: SQLite ... C library embeddable DB [web-public].
I read "manifest typing" and it is strange - even if you set your 
column as an integer, it allows you to enter non-integer data ...
Group: Postscript ... Emitting Postscript from REBOL [web-public]
It seems to work without the newlines, but then the ps file become 
difficult to enter with e.g. vim. That part is fast, I think. It 
only put in a newline for every 80 chars.
The changes are:

- Stores the font size inside PS every time a new font is selected. 
This is not used however, but perhaps is useful in the future.

- Added bottom, middle and top alignment for TEXT. Similarly to how 
you specify a size for LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT, you can enter a size 

Some text
 center 400 middle 200

Both sets are optional. The default alignment is LEFT and BOTTOM.

My changes are marked HMK in the source. I hope it is of use.
Group: Plugin-2 ... Browser Plugins [web-public]
Maybe a native 'field, which is not accessible from the script until 
"enter", and allowing pasting there? Rebol3, how much protection 
can modules give?
Group: !GLayout ... ask questions and now get answers about GLayout. [web-public]
this layout for example: 

column [
	header "enter text"

will popup a window which stretches only in x by default
Group: !Cheyenne ... Discussions about the Cheyenne Web Server [web-public]
WinXP Professional, latest patches. I run it just from Total Commander 
by pressing enter on Cheyenne.r It runs on 8080 port, everything 
seems to be OK, except random timeouts, as they were present in the 
past. Now with 4RSP demo I got at least first session frame OK, then 
it crashed imediatelly with above error ...
Now I got the same error even when pressed enter to log-in. Maybe 
some weird stuff on my machine, but Apache was running OK. I ended 
Apache and turned Cheyenne back to port 80.
If you want to try this method for windows.. here's what you do.. 

1) download the windows binary from openssl.. ->   http://www.slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html

2) Unzip.. and pull out the openssl.exe file from the bin folder.. 
. drop that file into your cheyenne www folder
3) Create a self-signed cert....
3a) run openssl.exe

3b) enter this line: req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 
-keyout localhost.pem -out localhost.pem
(localhost is the cert name)

3c) answer the questions... when asked 'who are you?' enter your 
domain,  or 'localhost' as I did 

This will generate the cert in your www folder (this is just a demo... 
the openssl server uses it's location as root www folder)

4) Start up the server... enter this line into openssl:  s_server 
-accept 443 -cert localhost.pem -WWW

Now open any file in your Cheyenne www folder using the https:// 

if I enter "123 ABC street" on the street1 and submit, the dehex 
result is "3 ABC Stree"
you have my httpd.cfg above - does it seem to be configured properly? 
my php is coming from .zip, I copied it to c:\php, went to this directory, 
typed php-cgi -b 999 (enter)
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What are guys trying to do on their notebook? :-) I know one magic 
solution C:\> format c: (enter)
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[unknown: 9]:
James, do me a favour, click that little icon of the pen above the 
new messsage input window.  Then enter your list again in "one entry"

You will need to press control + S to send it, or press teh send 

Then I can copy your list easily, and work on it.
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Strange, if you keep clicking on the [refresh] link, it loops endlessly, 
but if you click inside the address bar and hit Enter key, it works.
BrianH, on 21-Jan 11:16 PM you said : "Do a server-side redirect 
to a get page when you go into edit mode on a ticket or comment update."

I'm not sure to understand the "server-side redirect to a get page" 
part. When you click on a ticket ID or comment [Edit] button, you 
enter in edit mode using a GET request. What would a redirect improve 
here? Is it related to the browser Back button and client cache management?
For now go to the address bar and hit enter, repeat until it gets 
Group: DevCon2008 (post-chatter) ... DevCon2008 [web-public]
The broadcast room is currently available for any presenter to prepare 
and become familiar with the interface.  If anyone would like would 
like to practice, or if anyone needs help preparing, I have free 
time available throughout the week.  You're welcome to freely enter 
and use the broadcast room - please just close the broadcast page 
completely when you're done practicing.
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