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World: r4wp

[!Syllable] Syllable free operating system family

Hi, I managed to install Syllable OS 0.6.7 on my old-old laptop. 
http://www.arnoldvanhofwegen.com/gedeeld/syllable_1.jpgHad some 
trouble with the installation because I viewed some installation 
instructions and by doing so skipped the part where GrUB should be 
installed. Now I understood Syllable has native/built in REBOL3 support, 
but I am still looking for that.
This group is for helping people getting started using Syllable.
(Helping me that is LOL!!)
Thanks for reinstating this group :-)
0.6.7 has REBOL 3, a recent Boron and ORCA on board
They can be started from the command line. Although this is Syllable 
Desktop, for details it may be helpful to consult the Syllable Server 
manual, towards the end:
We've released Syllable Desktop 0.6.7:
Now with REBOL 3, Boron, and prepared for Red
Also, the cURL binding for R3
Congratulations Kaj.
Now on TechWorld:
Wireless support yet?
Nope. That requires complex new subsystems
It's now on OSNews:
Good work Kaj!
This is the same file as last week(s) right? So I do not need to 
download it again?
Not identical, but almost. Mostly only the documentation has been 
updated - considerably - but that's also on the web sites
Do you use a generater tool for the Welcome_XX.html files? The Dutch 
version contains a considerable amount of English paragraphs. And 
ugly 'k'-s and some typo's.
If so mail me that file and I will do some extra editing on it.
I am going to install the new version to look at some default value's. 
Like windows not coming to the top when activated.
I can not copy any file by dragging and dropping also ctrl-c ctrl-v 
didn't work. Copying a file should be easy?
I think delete should not be in the right-click menu only if you 
push shift or alt maybe. And there should definitely be an option 
to select move or copy a file.
I will attach a real mouse to the laptop I am using because clicking 
and right and left mouse buttons on my trackpad with two buttons 
seems to work inconsistent. No left button even if left&right button 
are swapped.
Hey, should there not be a R3/view? I only can start r3 from terminal.
R3/View only works on Windows and Amiga
Dragging moves a file. Hold Control to copy or Alt to make a symlink
We don't want to hide the delete function under another key combination
The documentation is generated by my CMS (in REBOL). We maintain 
the source files in AltME
Bas does the Dutch translations, but he stopped halfway. I would 
love you to help with them. Do you want access to the Syllable AltME 
If I can work on them off-line, I have some hours on a train left 
coming week.
No dragging with the trackpad. CD can play, no sound probably a wrong 
driver, under Haiku is it like Auvia 6
Closing down the system is not possible with media player active. 
Once mediaplayer is quit the system ends with it.
OK now. I plugged in a real mouse. The scroll wheel doesn't work, 
but that wasnot promised. I can drag and drop files now. Also I could 
pull up the volume of both volume and CD controls and now I have 
sound sound.
Sound works, found the wallpaperChanger too. The Switcher should 
be on by default people like seeing they have more than one desktop.
Plugging in the mouse (non-usb port) seems conflicting with mounting 
my usb mp3 player. Unplugging the mouse made my mp3 player disks 
visible again.Well it is not consequent in this. After another try 
it took me some time to mount it because it didn't show up. After 
mounting I plugged in the mouse again. For else I cannot copy files. 
It worked. System hangs up on me or doesn't respond copying the 20th 
mp3. Enough testing for today.
Maybe my 1Ghz Pentium from 2001 is too old for this work. :)
Hung applications can prevent the system from shutting down:
I've never heard of a scroll wheel not working before. What kind 
of mice is it?
A 1 GHz machine is very powerful for Syllable, but it sounds like 
you may be hitting the bugs in the USB 2 driver. Do you have USB 
1 ports that you could try?
Of course you can work off-line on files in AltME. I'll mail you 
account info
Are there any plans to port syllable to raspberry pi?
It seems to me that a major obstacle to operating system adoption 
is the difficulty of partitioning a hard drive, and potentially losing 
all the data from the other operating system partition. Raspberry 
pi is a $35 ARM system with an SD card designed to teach people how 
to program. It's an embedded system, so syllable would shine because 
it is light weight. One of these systems is powerful enough to output 
1080p video and extremely small.