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[Rebol School] Rebol School

[unknown: 9]
I want to kick of some sort of simi-regular Rebol School for new 

We need to expose more people to Rebol, the best way is a 2 hour 
school online.

I'm thinking like the old days where we all jump online, but I want 
Video too!

My idea is that we would focus on a given topic, like: parse, data 
driven programming, view, etc.

Someone would be picked as the lead speaker, and someone else might 
be in charge of moderating the Chat.

People could ask for examples, and would write them up on the spot. 
 Hopefully many Rebol Experts would be on hand to throw some samples 

I have about 5 newbies that really want lessons.  I know that another 
5-7 of my team would be present to help, to learn, to be friendly.

Any one else interested?
Anyone know the best way (what software) to do this?
I've seen people use a free SWF tool to generate flash movies of 
what's going on, on the desktop. is it something like that you want?
example (no sound)
http://www.unixuser.org/~euske/vnc2swf/<--- tool used
[unknown: 9]
I was hopping for a broadcast video + sound, and let a moderator 
take in coming questions and give them to the lead.
Plus let others help.  Sort of a multi-prong learning venue.
All that matters is that people get answers.
i hate to say this but maybe MSN?  =/
[unknown: 9]
Yeah, I'm open to this.  I'm open to everything, I just want something 
that works for everyone.
Hey Reichart ...if you can add one more to your newbies list  =) 
    ( me )
[unknown: 9]
All are going to be welcome, once we work this out, I plan to post 
the time(s) here, on Qtask, and on .Org.  WE need more community 
lessons, so I'm going to kick this off.
It iwll be fun to have sort of a loose open convo, and just play 
with a couple of "words" or conecepts.
Nothing too heavy.  But sometimes people just need a little demo 
in real time, and also there is an energy to a bunch of people being 
around at the same time.  This will be good.  Since all are going 
to be welcome I think it may end up being 10-15 people online at 
the same time.
i did this kind of realtime coding once. i wrote a forth vm in awk 
at the #[forth-:-irc-:-freenode-:-net]. what i missed those times was a simple 
cooperative editor. it can b imagined as a whiteboard but there is 
only 1 "painting" tool is available, a cursor for writing text. (i 
was at the end of a 33.6kbps modemline those times, so i havent dared 
to dream about video :)
[unknown: 9]
i gave testdrive to some cooperative editors but most of them didnt 
work at all :( and their interface was a crap anyway.
hey, what client do u use for altme-ing so u can react so fast?
i have also tried the above mentioned vnc2swf. well.. its okay but 
thats just video... still can b a way to go, but we need some rebol 
movie editors (flash/mjpg). some1 (gregg?) at the conference mentioned 
such a thing..
[unknown: 9]
Client?  I use AltME, just AltME.
On Windows (if that helps).
I am also in the same buidling as the server though (for Rebol3).
aaha! thaaat helps really! :)
btw, invitation codes for my collegues?
[unknown: 9]
Almost have that done.  Will have it Monday, we are still testing 
There was some small problems, so we are testing really well.
oookay, good to know
Have you tried MoonEdit. It's a cooperative editor : you can be several 
editing the same text in realtime.
Funny! But not sure "usefull" can be an adjectiv.
Hi Recihart I would be interested in learning.
I've had good luck with Skype
Is this still open? I'd like to enlist, as a student.
Is this project still alive? What I would like is to develop a feeling 
for what I should master first to start programming significant applets 
in Rebol. At the present moment, Rebol looks to me like a forest 
of trees each with innumerable branches, every one of them I should 
All the docs seem to be either dictionnaries of the language or very 
specific examples of how-tos that give you the application described. 
Nice and usefull but not for becoming proficient from zero (or near 
I'm wishing for a good learning roadmap, I guess.
(I'm a teacher. Does it show? ;-)
[unknown: 9]
Hello Denis,

So, one of the things a group of us have been talking about is doing 
some group lessons (world wide).

We have researched some tools for making this possible.  We narrowed 
it down to Macromedia's Breeze.  In fact last week I talked for about 
2 hours with their team (meaning the people that actually designed 
and programmed it).

This week I'm talking to their OEM leads about integrating Breeze 
from Rebol into Web applications.

So our first Breeze interactive lesson will be in a few weeks is 
my guess.  WE have not idea how good it will be with more than 10 
people, and world wide, but we are going to try.

As to a road map.  Programming languages in general are difficult 
to learn in a methodical method.  Rebol being even more difficult 
(in my opinion), because learning the structure does not help very 
much.  Even learning how Rebol works is not all that usefull (compared 
to lets say Basic, or a Batching system).

I will make some simple suggestions though:

1.	Go to Rebol.com, and read what is offered there.  It actually 
is a good starting point.  Rebol Essentials" which is a PDF on the 
site is worth reading.

2.	Write your own dictionary.  Literally, pick a given word in Rebol, 
use it in a sentence.  And just work your way through all 400+ words. 
 You can do it in a few hours.  All you need to do is try to use 
it in a way the Rebol Dictionary does not use it.

3.	Build something you really want to build.  Unless you have a goal, 
working on anything is going to be boring.  Think of a utility, or 
a game that you have always wanted to understand better, or want 
to play with, and build it.  Another cool concept is to simply copy 
it from an existing version in some other language you already know, 
or that is more simple (like Basic).
I think you will find people here very helpful as well.  The signal 
to noise around here is about as good as it gets.
What do you mean by integrating Breeze from Rebol? btw - are Macromedia 
ppl aware of rebol at all? Or was it kind of  "re ...what?". Just 
curious ....
I'm glad you agree that Rebol requires a different road map to learn 
than, say, C++ or Pascal, or even Prolog and such languages. I know 
a few languages, having been a programmer for a living in my younger 
days. Now I teach programming for young students starting in science 
(18 years old +)
My mastery is now more in teaching than in programming. I've thinkered 
with the idea of maybe teaching Rebol to some of our students. But 
I would have to understand it really well before tempting that. Sure 
I can learn and memorize some syntax. But C++ has something like 
40 basic instructions to master, not 400. And you can start to programm 
significant apps in C++ with a very limited set of instructions.
With Rebol, I do not see yet the "logic" or philosophy behind the 
syntax of instructions. Maybe there isn't one and I' m waiting to 
see something, a pattern, that is not there? So, in any case, I would 
like to be part of the "school" experiment you are planning, if possible. 
This is a good opportunity for me. And maybe I could supply some 
of my pedagogical experience in this project at some time in the 
rebol's basic concept is - [    ] a block .... that is the only one 
significat element :-)
it is a series .... [this is what?] - now how can you tell what is 
inside? is it code? or literal data? try to execute it with "do" 
- if it fails, it was not code :-)
And thanks for the ideas you have given me. I am taking note of them. 
And yes, I do have a project or two I want to write in Rebol. Maybe 
I should choose the instructions from the dictionary with the aim 
to integrate them in on of my projects.
Yes, Pekr, like lisp and other list processing languages.
hmm, I never thought about it, but you are probably right - I tought 
one of my friends rebol for quite some time, and he was always nervous 
a bit, when I told him - look, there is special function for that 
The difference is that in C/C++ you have to build any simple function 
with the 40 basic instructions you have in the language. So any application 
become quickly huge in source code.

Rebol has so much words because, many simple functions are already 

And in fact, most of them are in Rebol code (there are of function! 
type) and are build with basic (native! and op! type) and other simple 

This is one of the reason why Rebol script are so tiny. Many things 
you need are already there.
Maybe the thing would be to organise the functions in categories... 
"If you want to do this, here are the usefull functions..." ? I'm 
not sure this is possible, but I will keep this in mind when learning 
probably the fastest way to find out is to try console help system, 
it does also partial searches ... it could help novices .... >> help 
fo ..... and look what is printed .... that is how I started to see, 
if there is some named function according to what I think such a 
name could be ...
hmm, there is a Dictionary, and it is in categories, but not much 
of a categories ...