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Remember what ever you do you have to make it easy it's rebol ...
member's loundge ??? OMG it took me 1 more hour to find it ... can't 
you please use things that ring bells into the commoners and stop 
using snobe description ?
Member's Lounge call it Member's profile
definatly there is too much text to read on rebol.org ... we are 
in 21th  century it's graphical and fancy eye candy era in case you 
didn't notice .. Less text Less Snobe description More images icons 
colors etc... and it's not only a CSS problem here is just I have 
to read alot and script alot scince all that could be resumed in 
1 nice looking icone bar ... pff ..
you should inspire your self from android market or app store ... 
seriously ... Make rebol.org goal like this Easy to get, Easy to 
Set. Only essential information provided ...
in my "member's loundge golf club for only snobish people that are 
snobe enough to still code in rebol"  ido you find normal to get 
the new about rebol community at the end of this page ??? I'm registered 
since 7 years in rebol.org and that's just now I notice it ..
that's the problem when you pile up things one on top of another 
without never get a second thought of ok what do i want people to 
absolutle see when they log in ?
What is the main information I want people to get their eye ball 
catch on ?  this is what lead most of the commercial website now 
in day ... Just apply that pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!
shadwolf you are looking really frustrated, I have got only two advices 
for you

1. visit a good psychologist who would help you with your daemons 
for a lot of money (the more money, the better help.) or

2. try to forget that rebol even exists and stop to do anything about 
Oh and for your information don't tell me that this all text wonder 
site is done for small device !! I have small device  like a smartphone 
and this is stupidly unreadable on it !!!
pavel i'm frustrated and people are happy with this insane rebol.org
pavel i have an advise for you to participate more in rebol community
pavel you don't care about rebol.org simply because you don't use 
it !!!
pavel you want me to stop bitching rebol.org then do the changes 
!! even the worst blog of incompetent people looks better than rebol.org. 
you want to be taken serriously you want rebol to be considere as 
a profesional level than do things like in 2011 and not like in 1992 
thank you ...
when i enter on rebol.org it's like i enter in a cementary or a museum 
!! it's not a place that's engaging people to get there often !
pavel you mean i should do like you ? cause it's been years since 
your last post here dude :)
pavel by the way my dear pavel friend this altme world is full of 
people that have completly forgot about rebol and don't give a damn 
anymore about it and it's more because of people like you than people 
like me :)
So does the rest of the world. Which means 10 billion people!  Pavel 
don't you find sad that the last year less than a hundred scripts 
have been submited to rebol.org ? don't you find sad the gurus main 
project around R3 are located on github and not anymore on rebol.org. 
Why they are using github and not rebol.org ? because rebol.org don't 
fit their needs that's the less we can say no ? Don't blame me because 
I notice things and instead of being the hypocrit way i choose the 
frantic way I notice too my dear pavel friend that you attack my 
mental stability but you don't  propose anything to reply to the 
points I notice and which are valid and widely noticeable.
So here are some stats to help you understand what we are talking 
about. Rebol.com exist since 7 years. there is 183 registred people 
apart Carl with 145 script and notchent with 105 script submited 
 the average script submition is 4 scripts per member registred. 
 Rebol.org was supposed to be the heart and the brain of rebol community 
7 years later we can notice that 10% of this is Carl Sassenrath and 
that in the last year less than a hundred scripts are uploaded.
So from those constatation and based on my personal experience  can't 
I try to explain why this is a faillure ?
and why this main community central point interest so fiew people 
around the world?
Don't you see that all the terrific information and all the effort 
to link things up is broken because of the  sad and sorry way to 
show things ? If Carl really want this boring website which won't 
surprise me since he can't  understand we changed century and that 
eye candy is the first thing then verywell do a side set of page 
with Eye candy modern rebol.org and put a borring  text button on 
your main page. Something like "If your are not an elite snobe click 
here this version of our website is for you"
another example of insane thing that makes me crazy .. why the script 
syntaxe color isn't done by default ... Why is there an anchor link 
to this feature ?? what is the need of it ... It's like you are saying 
"hu you know we did this syntaxe color feature but we are so elite 
and snobe that by default we don't use it because only plain text 
is for us"
can you some times be aware of the things you do and how you do them 
looking forward to your improved screen design, alphe
Wolfie: Its strange because I often agree with the "essense" of what 
you are saying, but the way you stuff and the anger in your tone, 
always means I just skip all the posts.
rebol.org is run mostly by ONE VOLUNTEER.  free, with hundreds of 
scripts, with thousands of features to support.  Adding a script 
to rebol.org doesn't *require* the full library header anymore.

I wonder how many hundred hours went into that huge site.   

I'm sorry if it took you one hour to write down 5 lines of text, 
but It doesn't take me that long.  I agree its not optimal, but the 
help page is simple and conscice.
like just about everything going on with the REBOL language and its 
community... right now...

 if you want to participate and actually DO something, (I mean doing 
 something else than bitch and moan), people will be happy for your 
 help, even Sunanda at rebol.org.

I used to be part of rebol.org team and it took me a single mail 
from me to get included in the team.  it might take a bit more from 
you now that you've just insulted its main (sole?) author pretty 
I'm sure we would all like to see many rebol resources improved, 
including rebol.org. When someone suggests specific enhancements 
or offers help, they are generally received with open arms.
maxim that's too easy to say that sunanda runs the things alone and 
that's the reason why rebol.org sucks ... when did sunanda call for 
help never ... when did he try to motivate people hating his website 
like me to participate. Last things my remarks about rebol.org are 
common sense. And they were made vastly in 2005 when it opens and 
when people style gived a damn. 6 years later rebol means nothing 
NOTHING it's lower than scrub and the recursive lack of work her 
killed rebol and any  initiative around it. Not only each time something 
cool is done in this community  Carl comes with a great announcement 
to ruin the effort but the  promise he makes never come to a reality.
If you can get the people that hates you to wrok with you to improve 
things then you are setting up a positive motion and that's what 
you all need here
you need direction. This means setting up priorities in things that 
need to change now. rebol.org since it's the central point of our 
very very veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery small 
community (we are less than 50 active people guys wake up ) then 
renoving it and upgrading it constantly is part of the main priorities; 
like supporting a console and R3/GUI and a new r3/web plugin and 
a new R3/desktop because desktop is related to rebol.org it makes 
 sense to serriously work on it.
well, just talk about it with him and surely, if you have the time 
he may let you help him.   you can already re-skin the site to make 
it look better.  I just don't have the time nowadays.
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and 
was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time 
the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have 
caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server 
error log.

Apache server at www7.swcp.com
problems ?
seems to be working for me... in what section are you?
Thanks for the problem report...... There is nothing showing on the 
Library error logs.....Have you got a failing URL?
Sorry! LDS error: 400 0 can't connect
Request: get-script
Parameters: rebtut-indexer.r
I am trying to refresh my local script library.
You've probably triggered flood protection.....Leave it five minutes 
and see if it forgives you.
Downloading 169 scripts.
sooner than later, it fails. So I have to download all?
Okay....that's a problem.....the downloader does not pace itself, 
so it triggers flood protection.

Best current work-around is to download the whole set as one file 
-- probably faster too:

Let me take you off the flood trigger list first.....
no need for hurry
You should be good now......but using the updater to download 169+ 
scripts wlll trigger the problem again.

(Another quick fix is to edit the script to put a wait 10 between 
each read of the library)
That does not help. Even after downloading the library and installing 
in the same folders, the librarian still tries to download 169+ scripts
after updating refresh-sync-point.txt with an actual timestamp it 
works now
That's good to know.
thanks too
I have uploaded a new version of simple-test.r to the Script Library. 
The main changes were the addtion of some new assertions and a re-structuring 
of the code to provide an API for the function which evaluates test 

The assertions added are : equal with tolerance, not equal, not error, 
same, and not same.