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World: r4wp

[#Red] Red language group

I thought about it already as one of the ways to produce a shared 
lib, in some of my recent scripts there's already a `Type: 'dll` 
header field, but `library` is probably nicer. I will implement support 
for it when I'll find time as it's a minor feature.
Hi Doc, I was messing around with the PE.

Added section: [.rsrc  [-   #{00000000000000000004000000000000}]] 
in compiler (this should be just empty .rsrc, and trying to build 
it in PE.r using:

oh/rsrc-addr:			section-addr? job '.rsrc
oh/rsrc-size:			length? job/sections/.rsrc/2

but the address is pointing into wrong position (512B less). You 
probably don't know without some deeper examination, what may be 
the reason, do you?

Btw. there should be:
    .rsrc				#{40000040}	;-- [read initialized]

at this line: https://github.com/dockimbel/Red/blob/master/red-system/formats/PE.r#L119
(the section name starts with a dot).
Oldes: adding .rsrc support is not trivial. I have a stashed prototype 
somewhere, I could push it in a new branch for you to look at and 
improve it.
PE format does not require specific section names, so Red uses its 
own ones.
be able to add just the empty .rsrc section would be a good start.
Let me see...
Pushed it in new rsrc-support branch: https://github.com/dockimbel/Red/tree/rsrc-support
See the commit diff: https://github.com/dockimbel/Red/commit/160cf3dfa3629c63b4dc2e9465fb5337a43754b8
That base should be enough for a start, the hard part now is to generate 
the resources tree with all the right entries ...far from easy.
Oh, it seems I've stopped in the middle of the coding session at 
ligne 381 in PE.r.
Hm.. I'm not sure this will help me. I have the rsrc data (parsed 
from valid file), just the section's adress is not correct.
rsrc entries contain file offsets and memory addresses, if you plan 
to just insert a blob of data, it won't work.
So I must call some commands in the middle, instead of just data 
and setting pointer to it, right?
Ok.. I will play with it even more for a while before going sleep.
For empty rsrc should be enough to provide: table/id-entries:    
 0 instead of 1 on line 377 of your commit and not adding the entry 
(at least that's what I see with exe containing empty rsrc). But 
line 369 of this commit is strange.
Is the plan to use .res files? i.e., to have a resource compiler 
that the linker can include?
*Many* years ago, I wrote a resource compiler in VB. Too long ago 
to have any of it left in my brain, but something might come back 
is .res is the target.
 %.res is the target.
if the .res is just binary representation of the rsrc section, why 
not. But be able to append icon without need to use hacking tools 
would be nice as well. But we must do small steps here. At least 
we, who don't have Doc's brain:)
So far adding the rswr section modifies these values:   [ entry-point-addr 
code-base data-base ] which should be same as without rsrc in my 
tests, and not increasing init-data-size.
Line 369: it's for getting the memory pointer for last section, but 
it seems it's lacking an offset for skipping that last section size.
Gregg: no .res file, think .red file (or at least .ren). ;-)
Why not .res? .res is compiled .rc
So, yes, we need to build a resource compiler, but the description 
format needs to be specified in Red format.
Is .res binary?
Do you have a link for the .res format spec?
I believe it wil lbe just the raw content of the rsrc section. No, 
I don't have, but with tools like Resource Hacker you can build these 
from RC files which are what we don't want
Using .rc and Resource Hacker is fine in the meantime, until we get 
our own compiler.
Looks like Gregg is a good candidate for building such compiler in 
the future. ;-)
For me it would be enough to have correct PE header at this moment.
Ok.. moving [ build-rsrc job ] after [ build-import job ] leads to 
expected result with the  [entry-point-addr code-base data-base] 
no.. my mistake.. was parsing valid file instead of the one build 
in red with rsrc.
Ok, so the main problem will be, that oh/headers-size = 1024, but 
the pointer to code as a first section is 512. Now I must find why.
Sorry, I'm in the middle of Java code, can't help you with that right 
For Windows, there are APIs now to interact with resources. I seem 
to recall they haven't always worked for me, based on using tools 
that took that approach, rather than doing the res dance. The best 
approach will depend on how Doc wants it to work.
I might miss some basic OS understanding. Guys, how do you work with 
all the path? I have JAVA installed, REBOL installed, yet what I 
am strugling with, is path. When I follow docs, it always seems to 
be easy. Docs state:

do/args %rsc.r "-dlib %bridges/java/JNIdemo.reds -o %bridges/java/JNIdemo"

well, for normal user, in order to try that, user needs to understand, 
he has to start Rebol for that. So there are basically two options:

- running REBOL from icon. Then you have to change-dir to where Red 
is - in my case, something like C:\!Rebol\Red

- I thought, I might use just "pressing ENTER" upon Red.r, which 
launches console for me. But above still will not work, unless I 
change-dir into red-system subdir. It should be imo either stated 
in the docs, or some shortcuts provided, e.g. red-system.r, allowing 
me to launch console directly in that subdir, and then above command 
would run just OK.

I am not stating anything is wronk, it is upon user to improve the 
workflow, but surely it is an obstacle for occassional user.

Now back to docs:

2. Compile and run the JNIdemo.java app from console:

        $ javac JNIdemo.java
        $ java JNIdemo

Well, when in console, my console does not recognise javac, nor java 
executables. Apparently a path problem, but I have JAVA installed 
via installer. So I have to go inside JAVA dir, which means:

cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\bin\
javac c:\!rebol\!Red\\red-system\bridges\java\

Any tips? :-)
install javac in your system path
type "set" at a dos shell to see if it's there or not.  If not, you 
have to add it.
control panel/System/Advanced system/settings/environment settings/system 
I also needed to add the Java folders to PATH manually, I don't know 
what Oracle is doing with its installers...
I don't think Sun did this either
ok, thanks for the tips
I don't understand the part of your post that starts with "I thought, 
I might use just "pressing ENTER" upon Red.r"
well, you have Rebol installed and linked to .r ..... I am so much 
used to work with Total Commander, that I launch Rebol from icon 
sporadically. The trouble for me, is the path. So from time to time, 
I place kind of empty run.r script in some dir, which serves for 
nothing more, than just pressing enter upon it, and being run in 
particular directory, which means, in certain directory path
and I can find red.r in the main directory. Whne I hit enter, it 
just launches the console. But maybe I am missusing it :-)
that is why I thought that having red-system.r in the red-system 
subdir, would be handy. Than the examples in docs might be run without 
the proper path obstacles
I am not sure I am clear on my intentions :-)
or just bad habits ...